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By Chris De Herrera 
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News and Press Releases

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Press Releases 9/2001

SyncTalk FX expands power of portable devices - 9/28/01
Aidem has released version 1.50 of Photo Explorer, the best choice for high-quality pictures display, album management & slide show software in your Pocket PC
- 9/26/01
Idruna Software Releases Photogenics Personal Edition for Pocket PC
- 9/26/01
Adobe Announces Public Beta Version of Acrobat Reader for Pocket PC
- 9/24/01
HandyMed releases HandyCards/WinCE v4.0, HandyCards Creator, and On-line Tutorials - 9/19/01
POCKET PC SUMMIT - We Must Go Forward In A Spirit Of Faith And Hope And Charity
- 9/18/01
Pocket PC 2002 Upgrade for @MIGO owners
- 9/18/01
World's First Intrinsically Safe Industrial Mobile Computing Platform
- 9/17/01
CalliGrapher Resource Kit 6.0 and PenOffice 2.0 Beta are also now available
- 9/17/01
SYWARE Debuts Visual CE« 6.0, New Database Development Software for Windows CE & Pocket PC Devices
- 9/17/01
Applian Technologies announces PicturePerfect 5.1
- 9/12/01
Manage your Travel Itineraries and Frequent Flyer Accounts
- 9/12/01
Sci-Fi Press Release
- 9/11/01

First PDAs to Ship Based on Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 Software
- 9/10/01

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