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Press Releases

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POCKET PC SUMMIT - We Must Go Forward In A Spirit Of Faith And Hope And Charity

We would like to extend our soulful condolences to the families who lost loved ones and friends this past week, the courageous people of the proud state of New York, and the heroes that continue the search for the lost. We perceive that September 11, 2001 will live on as one of the most tragic days in United States history. These special, once-in-a-lifetime moments are times of courage, of pride, and of opportunity to learn and to come together, and this is a time for giving thanks for the blessings of citizenship in this great nation of ours, The United States of America!

Although, freedom is not just for Americans and America. As citizens of freedom from all over the world, we must go forward in a spirit of faith and hope and charity against the faceless cowards of terrorism. The Pocket PC Summit will continue as planned October 10 through October 12 in Santa Monica, California at the elegant Fairmont Miramar Hotel overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Please join us for a celebration of emerging technology, imagination and humanity at the first Pocket PC Summit!

If you have specific needs or questions please direct them to John Tidwell, Mark Winstanley or John Forrester -

John Tidwell -
Mark Winstanley -
John Forrester - 

We look forward to working with you in the future to help make Pocket PC handheld and wireless technology


The $300 discount for early registration to the Pocket PC Summit conference has been extended permanently due to the recent tragedies. From now until the Pocket PC Summit, the pre-registration price of $695 will be extended permanently to help accommodate those that wish to attend this revolutionary event that have been affected, and there is no one that hasn't.

A Total Of 30 Pocket PCs To Be Given Away To Registered Conference Attendees Of The Pocket PC Summit

When you register for a three-day Pocket PC Summit conference pass you become eligible to win one of 30 brand new Pocket PCs by Casio, COMPAQ, Hewlett Packard and UR There. The sooner you register the more chances you have to win. Register today to increase your chances to win a brand new Pocket PC! - 


Registered attendees of the Pocket PC Summit conference who have won FREE Pocket PCs for the week of September 16, 2001 are as follows -

Hanna Kristensson, Icomera - Sweden (HP Jornada) 
Cameron Price, Solicitor General of Canada (HP Jornada) 
Mark Wolfgramm, Agilix (Hewlett-Packard Jornada)

The winners for the week of September 9, 2001 are -

Donald Smith, Environmental Protection Agency (Casio) 
Joanne Perrett, cyWren Systems (UR There Amigo) 
David Davidson, Mobile Automation (Casio Cassiopeia)

Past winners. -

John Romero, Monkeystone Games (Compaq iPAQ) 
Anne Bishop, Wake Forrest University (Compaq iPAQ) 
Rob Shelvey, Pfizer Global R&D (Compaq iPAQ) 
Eduard Kirchner, Resco s.r.o. (UR There Amigo) 
Jessica Ross, Lockheed Martin (Hewlett Packard Jornada) 
Mark Graham, U.S. General Services Administration (Casio)

Winners can redeem their brand new Pocket PCs at the show from event co-founders John Tidwell or Mark Winstanley, or Event Director, John Forrester.


We are proud to present the official sponsors for the first-ever Pocket PC Summit - 


Why does Microsoft succeed in virtually every area of technology it enters? Despite the reports you may have heard or read to the contrary, the principle explanation for the success of this dynamic enterprise is that the professionals at Microsoft are exceptionally smart at what they do - creating great software - and they don't take anything for granted, especially their people. Need proof? Read the Microsoft vision statement then click on the "Living Our Values" link. If you're not a customer, partner, and supporter of Microsoft, you should be! -

Microsoft's vision is to empower people through great software - any time, any place and on any device. As the worldwide leader in software for personal and business computing, Microsoft strives to produce innovative products and services that meet our customers' evolving needs. At the same time, we understand that long-term success is about more than just making great products. Find out what we mean when we talk about - Living Our Values - 


Microsoft's Windows Media Player is, hands down, the official and best media player for the Pocket PC! The Pocket PC Summit is proud to welcome Windows Media as an official sponsor. Windows Media Player 7.1 for the Pocket PC has everything you need to experience music, movies and more on the go. New features include streaming support (including wireless!), full screen landscape video playback, and more!

Check out these other valuable Microsoft Media Player for the Pocket PC links -

Download Microsoft Media Player 7.1 for Pocket PC! - Mobile Preview -  Now you can take the most popular media guide available on the web with you wherever you go. A preview of is now available on your mobile device! Stream high quality content directly to your Pocket PC.

Windows Media Play Pack for Pocket PC - Get the exciting Windows Media Play Pack for your Pocket PC. CD contains full length movies, music, games and more! Be one of the first 10 thousand to order and receive it absolutely free. Available only in the US and Canada.


The leaders of today's fast-paced, global enterprises envision IT solutions capable of superior performance, unbound by the limits of time and space. Symbol Technologies shares their vision. We connect data and decision maker for greater productivity, competitiveness and profitability. For those with a vision, Symbol Technologies has the innovative products, industry systems expertise, business partnerships and global services and support to make it a vision without boundaries

Symbol Technologies, manufacturers of the incredible new Wireless Networker, a Compact Flash form-factor wireless LAN card for the Pocket PC, will be setting up an event-wide 802.11b wireless LAN network at the Pocket PC Summit. This will enable conference attendees to experience wireless networking first hand through the use of Symbol's cutting edge technology.

Symbol will be providing a wireless LAN CF card FREE to conference attendees for the duration of the Pocket PC Summit, or optionally provide an entire Pocket PC device already setup for wireless LAN. Attendees will have the option at the end of Pocket PC Summit to purchase the wireless LAN card, or Symbol Pocket PC's and associated LAN hardware at a significant discount. A major credit card on file at the time of check-in is all that will be needed for you to be wirelessly connected for the entire Pocket PC Summit!


Developer One is one of the premier companies leading the way in creating innovative, productivity-enhancing software solutions for Pocket PC users. Popular titles in the Developer One Pocket PC software collection include -

AccessPanel - Get more out of your Pocket PC today with AccessPanel Platinum! AccessPanel gives you the power to instantly paste phrases, contact information, email signatures and more into any application at any time! - 

Agenda Fusion - Agenda Fusion enhances your Today page with a concise view of your current activities and brings you a 7-day schedule manager that delivers the most comprensive schedule outline available!

CodeWallet Pro - CodeWallet Pro gives you the easiest and most secure way to conveniently store and instantly access all of your important information, anywhere, any time on your Pocket PC! - 

OutALine Outliner - OutALine Outliner release your creativity; harness your productivity! Easily arrange items into categories and subcategories. Retain an overview while rearranging the details of any project - An indispensable tool for planning and organizing your thoughts! - 

Pocket AutoGraph - Pocket AutoGraph makes it simple to quickly create graphs from the data in your Pocket Excel spreadsheets on your Pocket PC! - 

Pocket ClassPro - A great student organizer, great for project management too! Download the beta today! - 

PointStart Today - PointStart Today gives you instant access to launch your favorite applications from your Today screen! Power on your Pocket PC and go! - 

RapidCalc - "Run the numbers" while you work with any application! RapidCalc for your Pocket PC lets you keep an eye on your work. Don't lose focus of what you're working on simply to perform a calculation, just pop-up RapidCalc! It's quickly activated just like your on-screen keyboard, ready to perform calculations at any time! - 

TaskPro Navigator - Switch to, close and manage your running programs in style! The choice for application navigation on your Pocket PC. - 


Ilium Software is paving the way in the Pocket PC industry by successfully launching many software applications to enhance Pocket PC productivity. Among its family of Pocket PC titles the company produces -

DockWare - Put your Pocket PC or H/PC to work in its cradle and on your desk! DockWare gives you a desk clock and calendar with your own pictures as a slide show in the background. - 

eWallet - eWallet ives you your own graphics on every card, custom icons, drag-and-drop cards, live URLs, over 30 card templates, RC4 128-bit encryption, and much more. - 

Keep Track - Easy financial transaction management for your Pocket PC. Do you lose your ATM receipts (before you write them down)?; forget credit card purchases you make by phone?; want to use your Handheld PC to make your day-to-day tasks easier (and more organized)? If so, then Keep Track is the answer. Keep Track is a simple way to "keep track" of your ATM, Debit and Credit Card transactions. Just touch your screen and you'll record your action on an easy-to-use, ordered list that you can match against all of your statements. Record transactions in stores, at ATMs, and when you're banking or charging over the phone - 

ListPro - ListPro is an easy way to make, use and re-use all your important lists, on your Pocket PC, palm-size, handheld or Windows PC. Complete file compatibility lets you make your lists on any of your Windows devices or your Windows PC, and use and change them on any others! - 

PhoneTone - PhoneTone is an astounding auto-dialer and touch-tone generator. Let PhoneTone turn your Pocket PC or Handheld PC into a speed dialer! Working with any phone, PhoneTone generates TouchTone sounds from your unit's speaker, dialing any number you select (either from Contacts, or just paste or enter one in) by sound. No cables needed, and you don't have to remember and dial strings of numbers. Calling card numbers and access numbers are automatically included. Save yourself time and hassle with PhoneTone! - 

Recordian - Recordian is an easy way to track your project, medical (including patient and personal), car, and other records and have the information you need with you when you need it. - 

---------------------------------------------------------- POCKET PC SUMMIT SPONSORS AND EXHIBITORS ==========================================================

Produced By

MultiMeteor - 

Media Sponsors

Pocket PC Magazine - 
Federal Computer Week - 

Official Sponsors

Microsoft - / 
Microsoft Windows Media - 
Symbol Technologies - 
Developer One - 
Ilium Software - 

Infrastructure Sponsors

Casio - 
Hewlett-Packard - 
UR There - 


Aether Systems -
Ansyr Technologies - 
Applian Technologies - 
Casio - 
Clevrware - 
Developer One - 
Handango - 
Hewlett-Packard - 
Ilium Software - 
Instant Power - 
Intel - 
Internet World Wireless West - 
Margi Systems - 
Microsoft - / 
MobileBriefs - 
Nite Ize - 
Pentax Technologies - 
Pocket Connections - 
Pocket Ideas - 
Pocket PC Magazine - 
Socket Communications - 
Symbol Technologies - 
testQuest - 
UR There - 
Whittaker Moore - 

---------------------------------------------------------- WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND THE POCKET PC SUMMIT? ==========================================================

* The target audiences for the event are business executives, enterprise-level developers, and IT professionals in the process of establishing mobile/wireless data and infrastructure strategies for their organizations, as well as looking to enhance the productivity and profitability of their busisness.

* Attendees, sponsors and exhibitors are key decision- makers, trendsetters, and innovators in the emerging Pocket PC industry. Sponsors and exhibitors of the Pocket PC Summit represent a who's who of the Pocket PC as well as mobile and wireless industries!

* Speakers and keynotes from the top companies in the Pocket PC industry will present the most important issues and topics so you can stay ahead of your competition.

* The Pocket PC Summit Event CD will contain all of the conference presentations, listings for all sponsors and exhibitors, trial version of Pocket PC software, as well as other valuable information. The Pocket PC Summit Show Directory and Resource Guide will be the road map for navigating the Pocket PC industry.

* Registered attendees of the conference days will receive a FREE 1-year subscription to Pocket PC magazine, the only magazine targeting the Pocket PC industry.

* Registered attendees of the conference and exhibits are eligible for MANY drawings for new Pocket PCs to be held at the show.

* Registered attendees will also be eligible to play the "Hunt For ZAQ" sponsor and exhibitor game. Visit each exhibitor booth, learn about exhibitor products and services, and win valuable prizes including cash, mobile hardware, and new Pocket PCs!


To immediately receive sponsorship and exhibit information via email please visit: 

Please contact Darren Eng or John Tidwell for sponsorship and exhibit opportunities with the Pocket PC Summit -

Darren Eng, 
Sales Manager 

John Tidwell, 
Event Co-Founder 

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