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SyncTalk FX expands power of portable devices

Handheld = Portable Floppy SyncTalk FX brings file transfer, more applications to handheld devices

Charlotte, NC, USA/September 25 — For those who still think that handheld devices offer little more than calendar and address book applications, SoDeog Technologies has news for you. Through the introduction of file transfer capability, using their SyncTalk Professional FX software, the company has made it possible to use handhelds much the same as a portable floppy--without the floppy that is. Now infinite file types can be shared among infrared-ready handhelds, laptops and smartphones at the tap of a button.

Tap. And in a flash a marketing presentation jumps wirelessly from Pentium to Palm and back again.

“SyncTalk Professional FX has the power to transform the way we do business in a mobile society,” says Ryan Walcott, President of SoDeog Technologies. “Mobile professionals have been walking around with memory in their pockets and no way to use it. SyncTalk FX puts that available memory to use by allowing you to transport a variety of files anywhere and share them with anyone.”

SyncTalk Professional FX allows users to transfer files between any SyncTalk-enabled device (laptop, smartphone or handheld). The software supports all file types, including those most often used in today’s business world: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, photos, PDF, MP3 and much more. Of course, SyncTalk continues to support information exchange of PIM data.

Additionally, the FX release incorporates an improved user interface that fulfills the request of current SyncTalk users. The new browser-like interface with an improved navigation bar is user-friendly and intuitive in nature.

“From day one, we have imagined greater possibilities for handheld devices, once they were able to share information outside the physical boundaries of each device,” says Paul Crimm, co-founder and Chief Pioneer. “SyncTalk Professional FX is a great stride toward the complete mobility of people and information. Now everyday users can start looking at wireless devices as more than a digital DayTimer.”

Since its debut, over 100,000 professionals worldwide enjoy the expanded networking capabilities provided by the SyncTalk application. The software allows fast and easy information exchange between smartphones and PDA devices that use different operating systems, including Palm OS, Windows CE, Windows Pocket PC, Symbian’s EPOC, and now Windows 2000. Users can send individual or bulk files (useful when updating to a new device) and expand their SyncTalk networks by beaming SyncTalk to any Palm OS device using the SyncShare function. The SyncTalk platform currently supports infrared “beaming” technology, but will expand into wireless Internet (TCP/IP) and Bluetooth as those technologies penetrate the market.

Pocket PC Magazine selected SyncTalk Professional 2.0 as a finalist for its 2001 Best Product Awards. The software was recently released in French and German language versions for SoDeog’s international users. Additional company and product information available at #####

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