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SYWARE Debuts Visual CE® 6.0, New Database Development Software for Windows CE & Pocket PC Devices

New database toolset supports pop-up word lists, grid control, beaming, and macro programs

Cambridge, MA (September 17, 2001)‹SYWARE, Inc., a leading developer of intuitive database tools for business and personal productivity, today announced Version 6.0 of Visual CE®, the popular database development tool for building customized databases on Windows CE and Pocket PC handheld computers. The new release significantly extends the capabilities of this software whose drag-and-drop customization enables both busaness professionals and developers to easily create database and forms applications without programming. Visual CE 6.0 features a more flexible array of development tools, including pop-up word lists, grid control, macro programs, and forms that can be developed and run on either the desktop computer or handheld device.

"The handheld market is developing at a tremendous pace, as evidenced by the rapid proliferation of mobile devices in medical, financial, and general business applications," said Sy Danberg, President of SYWARE. "But one thing remains unchanged -- ease of use drives device users in their quest for increased productivity. We are pleased that Visual CE continues to be straightforward to use, for programmers and non-programmers, alike. In addition, we¹ve been able to add a new range of advanced control features that provide enhanced flexibility for the ever-changing mobile world."

Increased Flexibility New functionality in Visual CE 6.0 provides users with increased flexibility when interacting with forms and databases. A pop-up word list can now be associated with a text input box. This means that while writing a customer service report, for example, double-clicking a button can bring up a list of common problems that are associated with a particular set of products. A new grid control feature displays rows from a related table on the handheld. Clicking on the displayed row allows the user to jump to the particular table of data associated with the row.

Visual CE 6.0 supports a more flexible development process. Database forms can be created and maintained either on the handheld device or on the desktop computerŠno programming required. In addition, both forms and databases can be run on the handheld device or the desktop. Once the application is developed, records can be easily beamed from one handheld device to another. Other new features include the ability to create pre-defined data filters, more robust font selection to create a unique look-and-feel for the application being developed, multi-select dropdowns for easy access to repetitive data, and calculations on string data.

Macro Programming Visual CE 6.0 features a macro programming capability that allows for the easy creation of multi-step sequences. Now, even non-programmers can execute multiple commands in a specified order. This allows for the development of patient intake questionnaires, for example, that can automatically move to a specific set of questions based on an initial response. If a patient indicates he has previously been diagnosed with asthma, the nurse can further analyze the situation with a set of lung function questions.

Visual CE also supports a "skip forward or backward" function that allows a developer to specify when certain commands should be skipped. In field surveys, for instance, if the researcher discovers that an interviewee works in market research, an error message can be displayed that warns to discontinue the interview due to potential bias.

mEnable Visual CE 6.0 is integrated with mEnable, SYWARE¹s breakthrough wireless architecture that extends handheld applications with real-time, interactive access to server data. The mEnable architecture allows Visual CE applications to wirelessly read from or write to any ODBC-enabled data source, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, or Sybase. mEnable uses the universal TCP/IP protocol to communicate between the Casio handheld and the server, through standard wireless adapter cards that plug into the handheld device. The mEnable architecture allows handheld computing applications to be easily integrated with enterprise business processes.

Pricing & Delivery Visual CE 6.0 applications can be created on any Windows CE or Pocket PC handheld, as well as on any Windows-based desktop system. Visual CE Lite Edition is priced at $79, quantity one. Visual CE Personal Edition, with full synchronization capabilities, is priced at $129, quantity one. Visual CE Professional Edition provides a more advanced feature set and includes royalty-free distribution rights; it is available for $399. Visual CE Enterprise Edition includes all the features of the Professional Edition plus SYWARE's Report CE software; it is priced at $599.

About SYWARE SYWARE, Inc. is a leading developer of mobile database tools for business and personal productivity. Founded in 1990, the company offers innovative data management and connectivity software for use in a wide range of applications, including patient monitoring, inventory management, and field surveys. The cornerstone of SYWARE's product line is Visual CE®, the popular database development tool for Windows CE and Pocket PC handhelds used by such companies as IBM, Coca-Cola, Chevron, and US Geological Survey. SYWARE is also the creator of mEnable, a new software architecture for real-time wireless access to enterprise data located on corporate servers. For more information, please visit


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