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Idruna Software Releases Photogenics Personal Edition for Pocket PC 

New graphics software ideal for entry level artists and photographers 

San Diego, CA.-September 25th, 2001- Idruna Software Inc., an innovative provider of desktop and mobile graphics software, is pleased to announce a new addition to the award winning Photogenics family of graphics applications. Photogenics Personal Edition is an entry level paint and photo editing package for the Microsoft Windows Powered Pocket PC platform. Designed for beginner users who may find the thousands of professional level options in the standard edition of Photogenics overwhelming, it offers the core features needed to view images, edit photos, and create original artwork, with an easier to use interface and lower price of only $29.99 (or $24.99 if you sign up for the free Photogenics newsletter at A free 30 day trial is available at the product information page,


Photogenics allows the manipulation of digital photographs without the need for a PC. Simply insert your digital cameras compact flash card into your Pocket PC to access your images! Offers the ability to draw and paint with realistic media, such as Airbrush, Chalk, Pencil, Sponge, Watercolour, and Smudge. Paint-on Image Processing: You can apply eight filters not just to the entire image, but to precisely the area you want, simply by drawing with any of the media tools. Airbrush everything on and off for instant touch-ups without the need for tedious masking. Filters include Negative, Colourise, ColourToGrey, Emboss, FlipX, FlipY, Sepia, and Paint. Exclusive Paint Layer Technology: Mistakes can be rubbed out without having to redo the parts you like, using a "fade out" technique. Standard image editing functions such as scale, rotate, flip, crop, and add space. Standard drawing tools such as freehand, filled freehand, line, curve, ellipse, rectangle, polygon, flood fill, text and colour picker. Thumbnail image browser for quickly finding the images you want to open. Supports opening images that are normally too large to open with the option to scale images during the load process. Supports several different file formats, including JPEG, BMP and GIF (load only). Built-in time delay screen-capture ability. Sophisticated dithering routines to reduce colour banding and enhance display quality for Pocket PCs that only support 12 bit colour. Upgrade risk free as your needs develop to the more advanced version of Photogenics for Pocket PC for only $20.

For further information, please visit:

About Idruna Software Inc. Idruna Software, Inc. develops and publishes innovative graphics software for the Pocket PC, Windows, Linux, Amiga, wireless, and embedded markets. With over 13 years of experience in developing software applications, the company's goal is to empower users with the most creative, flexible, and intuitive tools imaginable. The company has received numerous industry awards for product excellence. For more information, please visit

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