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Press Releases

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HandyMed releases HandyCards/WinCE v4.0, HandyCards Creator, and On-line Tutorials 

HandyMed, LLC ( is proud to announce the release of HandyCards/WinCE v4.0. HandyCards has been substantially improved and now includes many new features to allow greater flexibility and learning potential, all while tapping into the truly multimedia nature of the handheld computer. New features include:

  • Multiple choice testing, with one to five answers allowed

  • True/False testing

  • Testing based on images (bmp, 2bp, gif, jpg, xbm formats)

  • Testing based on sounds (wav format only)

  • Cut/Copy/Paste clipboard access

  • Integrated HTML help file

  • Backwards compatibility with earlier versions of HandyCards

Classic HandyCards features also found in HandyCards v4.0 include:  

  • Create and edit flashcards within HandyCards on handheld

  • Unlimited number of question and answer pairs

  • Unlimited question and answer length

  • Merging of multiple test files

  • Test scoring capabilities

  • Swapping questions and answers

  • Last test file can be auto-loaded

  • Real-time flashcard list modification to allow focusing on important questions

  • Focused flashcard saving

Here is a screenshot of the new HandyCards/WinCE v4.0:

Click here to visit the HandyMed site to see more screenshots, look at the tutorial, and download HandyCards. HandyCards costs $10 and can be purchased with PayPal, Billpoint, e-check, and all major credit cards. HandyCards is available for PocketPC’s, Palm-sized PC’s, and Handheld Pro PC’s.

HandyCards Creator

HandyMed also announces the release of HandyCards Creator, which is a desktop companion to HandyCards/WinCE and HandyCards/Palm. HandyCards Creator allows you to create and edit flashcard files on your Windows-powered desktop computer. HandyCards Creator also allows you to test on your desktop computer with the same HandyCards flashcard files used on your handheld computer.

Illustrated Tutorials

In addition to the new software, HandyMed has also produced thirteen illustrated tutorials to aid in the use of nearly any aspect of HandyCards.

Free Flashcards

Finally, HandyMed is expanding the database of free flashcards. There are currently over 8,000 flashcards available here on the HandyMed web site.

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