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Information on the Windows Mobile 2003:

Pocket PC  Format Pages

Windows Mobile 2003

  1. Windows Mobile 2003 Articles
  2. Windows Mobile 2003 - Enterprise Features
  3. Windows Mobile 2003 - Enhancements for All Users
  4. Windows Mobile 2003 Upgrades
  5. Windows Mobile 2003 Comparison
  6. Windows Mobile 2003 Quick Comparison
  7. Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition Quick Comparison
  8. Windows Mobile 2003 Today, File Explorer and Notes Screen Shots
  9. Windows Mobile 2003 ActiveSync Screen Shots
  10. Windows Mobile 2003 Calendar Screen Shots
  11. Windows Mobile 2003 Contacts Screen Shots
  12. Windows Mobile 2003 Tasks Screen Shots
  13. Windows Mobile 2003 Inbox Screen Shots
  14. Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket Internet Explorer Screen Shots
  15. Windows Mobile 2003 MSN Messenger Screen Shots
  16. Windows Mobile 2003 Windows Media Player 9 Screen Shots
  17. Windows Mobile 2003 Games and Pictures Screen Shots
  18. Windows Mobile 2003 Settings Screen Shots
  19. Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition Screen Shots

Also See Windows CE 3.0 for additional information.

Version Information

Windows CE Versions Overview
Windows Mobile Application Names
ActiveSync Versions FAQ
Microsoft Mobile Lifecycle FAQ


ActiveSync 3.7
ActiveSync 3.7.1
ActiveSync Backup and Restore Guide
ActiveSync in the Enterprise - Common Problems and Solutions
ActiveSync Troubleshooting Guide
Compact .NET Framework Performance
Directory Structure - Windows Mobile 2003
H6300 Internet Access from PC
Pocket Office Features
The Myriad of Peripherals that are supported on Pocket PCs, Notebooks and PDAs
Pocket PC Antivirus Becomes a Necessity
Securing the Pocket PC A Threat Assessment
Windows Mobile Security and Patch Management

Is Windows Mobile 2003 More Secure?
Windows Mobile 2003 for the Enterprise

Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC Bugs - Software

RegKing 2003

Pocket PC FAQ Wiki - A great place to start learning about Windows Mobile!

Windows Mobile Device Center FAQ
Setup a Partnership with a Windows Mobile 2003 SE Pocket PC
Sync with a Windows Mobile 2003 SE Pocket PC
Setup a Partnership with a Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC
Sync with a Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC
Sync Center - Where to check on all your partnerships
Firewall Requirements

Office 2007 - How to configure the default save format for Excel, Word and PowerPoint
Excel 2007
Word 2007


Socket Communications Windows Mobile 2003 Drivers
Windows Mobile 2003 Software Compatibility

Bugs   FAQs   Peripherals   Books   Reader eBooks   Reviews & Commentary

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