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Redfly Sotmaker Screen Shots
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2008
All Screen Shots by Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved

 Version 1.00  Created 11/5/2008

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The following screen shots were taken with Screen Snap from Developer One on a Redfly.

If you need to have a word processor, spreadsheet or presentation software that offers more features that Excel Mobile, Word Mobile or PowerPoint Mobile then take a look at SoftMaker.  SoftMaker offers TextMaker 2008, PlanMaker 2008 and Softmaker Presentations 2008 that have many of the features you expect on a desktop PC.  The following screen shots are these applications on a Redfly:

TextMaker 2008

Softmaker TextMaker 2008 on the Redfly

PlanMaker 2008

Softmaker PlanMaker2008 on the Redfly

SoftMaker Presentations 2008

Softmaker Presentations 2008 on the Redfly

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