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ZCom LanEscape XI-800 
802.11b Wireless LAN CompactFlash  Card

By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2001
 Version 1.00  Revised 8/27/2001

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So you want to get connected to your 802.11b wireless LAN with your Pocket PC? Well previously this special feature was limited to Compaq iPAQ and URThere @migo's.  Now with the introduction of the ZCom LanEscape XI-800 802.11b wireless LAN CompactFlash card, you can connect to your 802.11b network with the EG-800, E-115 and E-125 Cassiopeia as well. 


The ZCom 802.11b wireless lan card is a type II CompactFlash card designed to work with the Pocket PC. Since it is a type II card, you can't use it directly with the HP Jornada 525 or 540 series Pocket PC.  I believe there are type I to type II adapters that would allow you to use it however they are not provided by HP or Zcom.   It uses 380 mA to transmit, 280 mA to receive and 17 mA for sleep.  One thing you'll notice right off the top is that the antenna sticks out about at long as a CompactFlash card outside the Pocket PC.  Also, there are 2 LEDs on the unit.  One for power and the other for signal.  The signal LED does not blink or indicate any activity.  It stays on just so long as you have a signal.


I used the ZCom 802.11b wireless LAN card with the Casio EG-800. I did find one issue not documented in the manual. In order to configure the XI-800 using their utility, I had to soft-reset my Pocket PC.   Then their utility showed up under the Settings.  Other than that, the unit automatically configured itself for my 802.11b wireless LAN's SSID.  Also, it allowed me to enter the WEP key in using the utility.  It worked fine with my Linksys WAP11 Wireless LAN Access Point.

Usable in a PC?

Yes, you can use the ZCom LanEscape XI-800 with your laptop with a type II PC Card adapter and a desktop driver.  By default ZCom does not ship the desktop drivers. I found that their XI-300 card uses the same chip and it's driver works fine with the XI-800.  I tested the XI-800 in the Casio Fiva MPC-206E which has a type II CompactFlash slot.


Overall I am pleased with the ability to use my Pocket PC on my wireless LAN. the ZCom automatically configured itself for my network and worked flawlessly.

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