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iPAQ Expansion Pack
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2001-2002

 Version 1.05  Revised 3/31/2002

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Compaq has committed to supporting the same size Expansion Jacket for the iPAQ (3100/3600/3700/3800)  for approximately the next 18 months starting in July 2001.  Future iPAQ products will be compatible with existing Expansion Pack so vendors are now creating more options for users.  Expansion Pack have also been called sleeves. We are talking about the same thing here.

Quickly Find iPAQ Expansion Packs at!

a brand new world 

a brand new world offers a combined GSM and 802.11b jacket for the Pocket PC.  They call it 4G because of the integration of LAN and WAN communications.

Automation Technologies

Automation Technologies offers the FlyJacket.  It is a VGA, NTSC output for presentations with a CompactFlash slot and remote control.  It ships with IA Presenter so you're all ready to present PowerPoint slides with this package.  It also comes with a video in port so you can capture video as well.  Automation Technologies also thought about battery life too. The FlyJacket includes an internal battery as well.


Product Features
Bluei 420 Bluetooth only sleeve
Bluei 430 Bluetooth and Smart Card reader in sleeve
Bluei 610 Camera Sleeve with 16 million colors at 325 x 288 and 15 frames per second video capabilities
Bluei 630 Bluetooth and Camera Sleeve with 16 million colors at 325 x 288 and 15 frames per second video capabilities



Compaq offer a the following Expansion Jackets for the Pocket PC:

Product Features In Association with Review
iPAQ CompactFlash Jacket Inexpensive, no additional battery.  Works with IBM MicroDrive CompactFlash Expansion Pack
iPAQ PC Card Jacket Includes additional battery in Jacket.  Supports type II PC cards PC Card Expansion Pack
iPAQ Dual PC Card Jacket Includes 2 additional batteries in Jacket.  Supports type II PC cards Dual PC Card Jacket
iPAQ Wireless Pack for GSM/GPRS Adds cellular voice and data support to the iPAQ.  Includes support for international tri band GSM and multislot GPRS
iPAQ Bluetooth Wireless Pack w/CompactFlash slot Provides Bluetooth support to existing iPAQs. Includes a type II CompactFlash slot

Compaq also has a GPRS jacket that they showed at CeBIT which is expected in March 2002.  They also have an alpha product called the BackPAQ which is part of  Project Mercury.  The BackPAQ has dual PC Cards, a 640 x 480 camera and cellular in a expansion pack as well.  There is a Do it Yourself CF Sleeve which makes the sleeve smaller for those that want to do it themselves.

Don't forget to upgrade to the latest drivers!

Compaq 3XXX

Customized Sleeves

You can get a customized smaller version of the CompactFlash Jacket with the Silver Slider.  Also, the Whitney CF Sleeve modification is available as is the Whitney PC Card Sleeve and the Whitney Dual PC Card Sleeve


KPDA offers a CDMA jacket for the iPAQ which support 64k for data.  This jacket is designed to work in Korea where they have 64k CDMA today.  Here's a translation of their specs on the CDMA Jacket.


PDAMotion now offers a production version of the Silver Slider.  The Silver Slider is a smaller version of the CompactFlash sleeve that Compaq sells.  It's designed to make your iPAQ smaller to carry while still allowing you to use a CompactFlash type II slot.


Symbol is working on iPAQ Expansion Jackets as well.  They offer a scanner sleeve with an optional 802.11b network radio.

Mobilian TV

Yes you can get TV on your Pocket PC! Denali iT offers Mobilian TV.

Here's the specs on Mobilian TV:

  • iPAQ t.v reception of pocket PC /FM radio function provision 
  • The t.v in image it wants portion which store possibility 
  • The shortening operation height provision whose one hand operation is possible 
  • Other way pas place li with use 5 hour use possibility 
  • Resolution: 320}x{240 Color screen support 
  • Video format: NTSC method support 
  • All the member: AA size x 4EA 
  • Antenna: Road antenna 
  • Operational temperature / operational humidity: 0~40c Sea /20~90% 

See a review in Korean at 


Nexian offers 2 different sleeves for the iPAQ:

Product Description


NexiCam, $199.99 Offers a digital camera / video camera in sleeve format.  Shoots pictures up to 800 x 600 w/ 2x digital zoom  
NexiPak, $149.99 Offers dual CompactFlash slots with a removable battery. NexiPak

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