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Network Utilities FAQ
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2001-2003
 Version 1.06  Revised 5/8/2003

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Once you have purchase a Pocket PC or Handheld PC, you will want to connect to the internet and your corporate network.  Right now Microsoft does not ship any of the standard networking utilities with the PC Companions.  This FAQ describes what utilities are available and where to find these utilities.

Ping, TraceRoute, NSLookup

Ping, Trace Route and Domain Name Service Lookup (NSLookup) are very common utilities for confirming a network connection.  The following vendors offer these utilities:

Product Ping Trace Route Name Lookup Finger Display DHCP assigned
IP Address
Microsoft H/PC Pro PowerToys Yes No Yes No Yes Works with H/PC 2000
(All Windows CE 2.0 or later devices)
Yes No Yes Yes Yes TFTP Server, Port Scanner, Subnet Calculator, HTTP Fetch, Echo Whois
vxUtil (FREE) 
(All Windows CE 2.0 or later devices)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Works with Handheld PC, Palm-size PC and Pocket PC
Merlin Pocket PC Taceroute and Ping Yes Yes No No No Works with Pocket PC 2002

Note:  Socket Communications Ethernet driver includes the ability to see the DHCP assigned IP address.

Release and Renew TCP/IP Address

With the following utilities you can release and renew your TCP/IP address for your Ethernet or Wi-Fi conection.  This is critical since Microsoft did not include the ability to release and renew your IP address so when you switch networks with DHCP assigned IP addresses.

Product Features Device
IPer Release/Renew IP address, Show Adapter Information, Show Protocol Statistics, Ping, Display Ping Host MAC Address, UDP Traffic Generator, SNMP MIB Browser, TCP Port Scanner, Real Time Network Traffic Measurement Pocket PC 2002
vxIPConfig View the properties of the Pocket PCs network adapters,  Release/Renew the adapter's DHCP lease - FREE Pocket PC 2002
IP Manager 2002 Ping function, Host file capability, DHCP release/renew function, Supports Landscape view, Greater control over your ActiveSync partnerships Pocket PC 2002

Network Sniffers/Protocol Analyzers

The following utilities allow you to see the packets that travel over your network:

Product Features Device
vxSniffer Packet Filtering, Summary and Packet Detail, Save Packets Handheld PC 2000, Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002
CEMyNetwork Filter packets based on their source and destination addresses filter packets based on their protocols show diagrams of protocol activity in the network: what protocols (TCPIP, Telnet, FTP, HTTP, mail protocols) and in what proportion are transmitted by the network list packets using not only MAC, but also IP addresses. be custom built to reflect your unique requirements Standard, Wireless, Bluetooth Versions Windows CE 2.x or later - includes Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002 and Handheld PC

Hosts File Support

While neither the Handheld PC or Pocket PC supports a Hosts file, there is a utility called Pocket Hosts which allows you to provide a list of IP addresses and host names to your device.

FTP, TFTP and HTTP Servers

FTP (File Transfer Protocol), TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) and HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) servers are available as well.  FTP and TFTP are usually used to upgrade router, switches and hub ROMs to newer releases.

Product FTP TFTP HTTP Notes
ApacheCE n/a n/a ApacheCE Port of the Apache Web Server, Windows CE 2.11 or later
Cambridge Associates vxFtp vxTftpSrv vxWeb (server) Requires Windows CE 2.11 or later
CEFileCommander 1.0 CEFileCommander 1.0 n/a n/a Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002
FTPView (Free) FTPView n/a n/a Pocket PC only
Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) n/a n/a Microsoft Internet Information Server Pocket PC, Windows CE Embedded
Ruksun Software ScottyFTP NetForce   Requires Windows CE 2.0 or later
TigerTools n/a n/a TigerServ PDA Pocket PC Only
By Robin Brower n/a n/a PicoWeb Server For the Pocket PC only
PPC Software.NET Slim Pocket FTP Client n/a n/a Pocket PC only

Telnet Server

Product Telnet Server Notes
Georgia Softworks GSW Telnet Server  Includes GSW Telnet Client.
Smbolic Tools Telnet Server  


Other Utilities

There are other utilities that you will find useful in administering a network as well:

Vieka PE Explorer or NetUse or NetRunner - Allows you to map a network drive to a directory on your Pocket PC!

ConnectForce - Allows you to setup standard internet connections more easily.

H/PC NetProfile - Allows you to manage multiple IP address, gateway, WINS/DNS server settings for you H/PC, Palm-size PC or Pocket PC.

DialupMaster - Allows you to use a script when dialing an ISP or a corporate network to automate logins.


For troubleshooting tips for your network connection read the Network Troubleshooting FAQ


With these utilities you will be able to diagnose network connections, configure and upgrade routers and switches from various manufacturers like Cisco.  These utilities are really required to make the Pocket PC and Handheld PC integrate well into the corporate environment.

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