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My First Five Years Supporting Windows CE
(Bending the Ear of the Giant)
By Chris De Herrera , Copyright 2001
Revised 11/19/2001

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The sixth of a six part article: Getting Started, Writing for the Web, Writing for Microsoft, AOL Changes and so did I, Even More Travel, Ideas and Sharing

Ideas and Sharing

There have been many times when I have been asked for feedback about a particular product. Also, there's been many times when I've given unsolicited feedback to the vendor about a product as well. My goal has been to share ideas to make products and software that meet users needs. There are many examples of where my thoughts have been put into action by others. An early example is my discussions with Stan at Phatware about porting their NetProfile desktop app to Windows CE. Also, I suggested Len Ott at Socket Communications that they add the information on the TCP/IP settings in their PC Card LPE Ethernet driver. Other discussions have occurred around hardware like working with Terry at Microfoundry on the Keymate design and features. A more recent one was a suggestion to Bill Dettering at Applian for a website to customer design for distributing information that became Mazingo. I also worked with The Unsupported Software Company on ideas like the Hosts, tracert, finger, etc.  to help users configure and use their Palm-size PCs. I've provided this feedback for free to improve the products the vendors offer. So if you are a developer or OEM and you ask me to take a look at your product, don't be surprised at the comments you get back.

What I do Full Time

So while all this is going on, I am working full time heading the Information Technology Department at Pacific Crest Bank. At Pacific Crest, I focus on overall technical goals for the bank. I am not asked to cover the Pocket PC or Windows CE space in my responsibilities at Pacific Crest. So when you see me at shows and other events, I take my vacation time to be there!

Changes and Support

I can't believe that five years have gone by so fast! Microsoft has continued to evolve Windows CE into a very useful operating system. I wanted to share with you how one man influenced the way Microsoft does things. I believe that you can make a difference if you believe in yourself and have the drive and the patience to stick with it. So now you know where I came from. I could not have made it without the ongoing support from my family. They've allowed me to stick with it all the hours day and night every week and even when I'm on vacation. I also want to thank Derek Brown for listening to my complaints. Without his support and the support of others at Microsoft and OEMs like Casio, Compaq, and Hewlett Packard, I would have not had the great experience working with them to improve Windows CE and the Pocket PC. I would also like to thank the many software developers as well. I truly believe that third party software is what makes Windows CE and the Pocket PC great.  As I began with writing about Windows CE, I create content to help others understand what these devices can do. I hope to continue writing about Windows CE and the Pocket PC for a long time to come.

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