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Video FAQ
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright  2000, 20001
 Version 1.15  Revised 5/23/2001

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Some of the PC Companions are able to display and record videos right on the devices themselves.  This started with the Casio E-100/105 which had the first video player for Windows CE.  Since that time, additional video players have become available.  This FAQ explains what video players are available and sources for videos designed to run on the Palm-size PCs and Pocket PCs.  Remember, videos tend to be large, so you may want a CompactFlash card to store them on.

See Packet Video and Pedagog's Video Conferencing in Action!

ActiveSky Media Player

The ActiveSky Media Player is designed to play videos on the Pocket PC.  In the future, they plan to add support for Palm, Windows CE and Psion.  The ActiveSky Media Player plays .SKY format files.  Atom Films offers videos in ActiveSky format. Underground Film plans on offering videos in ActiveSky format in mid June.  You can download the Pocket PC version of ActiveSky Media Player from Handango.


AntEye offers animation, comedy and other short videos.  The videos are in MPEG format and are compatible with Pocket TV.

Atom Films

Atom Films offers the ActiveSky Media Player and animated films for the Pocket PC.  This includes the video that was played at the Pocket PC product launch.

Casio Mobile Video Player

The Casio Mobile Video Player is designed to play .CMF files.  The CMF format is a MPEG video compression method and a special sound format that is Casio specific.  The Casio Media Player requires the user to convert movies on their desktop into CMF format and then copy the file to their device for playback.  The Casio Media Player is designed to work on the Casio E-100, E-105 and the E-115, E-125, EM-500 and the EG-800.  It is not compatible with any other Palm-size PC or Pocket PC.  Also, the Casio E-100. E-105, E-115, E-125 and EG-800 are able to capture photos and videos using the Casio Digital Camera CardWarner Brothers offers movie trailers in the Casio CMF format as well.  You can also find a variety of CMF Movies here as well.  There is a desktop video player and converter available here on CEWindows.NET.  If you have a Casio E-100 or E-105 you can get the video player here at CEWindows.NET.  

Canon WebView Livescope Viewer for Windows CE

So you want to see those moving pictures that show famous places on your H/PC, Palm-size PC or Pocket PC?  With WebView Livescope Viewer from Canon, you can watch what's happening in cool places like Time Square, New York, Paris, France, and Sydney, Australia.  It has been confirmed to work with the Casio EM-500 and E-125.  There are versions for all CPUs.


CinemaPop offers a variety of movies including classics in Mpeg format.   These movies are compatible with PocketTV.

Digital Entertainment Network

The Digital Entertainment Network offers videos in ActiveSky format for the Pocket PC.  These are short clips of the Aggronation Team Riders and Fear of a Punk Planet among others.

Packet Video

Packet Video offers optimized video playback designed to work over wireless connections (from 14.4k to 768k).  Packet Video supports MPEG-4 encoding and it will be available on CDROM with the Casio Cassiopeia and Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC.


PalmSizeMedia offers videos for small display devices.  You can download movie trailers and commercials in MPEG and CMF formats. offers MPEG1 encoded trailers for playback using Pocket TV. They also offer a search engine for movies that are compatible with Pocket TV.


PocketMPG offers movie trailers and TV Ads optimized for the Pocket PC. The videos are encoded in MPEG1 so you will need Pocket TV to play them back.


PocketRocketFX offers over 2 GB of MPEG videos and 200 MB of CMF videos ready to be downloaded to your Pocket PC, Handheld PC or Palm-size PC.  Content includes movie trailers - includes the latest movies like Castaway, Chicken Run etc.,  TV Ads,


PocketTV, from MpegTV a MPEG player for the Handheld PC, Handheld PC, Professional Edition, Palm-size PC and the Pocket PC.  You can download and play standard MPEG movies on your device. CinemaPop offers a variety of movies compatible with PocketTV.  The MpegTV SDK for Windows CE is available as well.  Now Pocket TV supports streaming MPEG videos via http if you have a connection to the internet that is faster than 100k bits/second.  As of 12/5, Pocket TV now supports larger buffering for the IBM MicroDrive.  This larger buffering will help extend your battery life while watching a movie using PocketTV.  Also PocketTV now plays full screen on the Compaq iPAQ, Casio Cassiopeia and the Hewlett Packard Jornada.  They also have a FAQ on configuring streaming video with Pocket TV. If you are a webmaster, you will want to read this one to configure your website to stream video properly.

Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers now offers selected movie trailers in the Casio CMF format.  These include Red Planet, Miss Congeniality and Proof of Life.

Windows Media Player Preview Edition (Version 6.4)

During Fall Comdex 2000, Microsoft released a beta version of their Windows Media Player with support for videos.  The Windows Media Player supports .ASF or .WMV audio and video files streaming from the internet or stored on your Pocket PC.  This version is only for the iPAQ Pocket PC.  This is not a replacement for the Windows Media Player in ROM.  It does not support WMA or MP3 files.

Windows Media Player 7.1

Also, Microsoft has released Windows Media Player 7.1 for all Pocket PCs.  This is the latest revision of the Windows Media Player 7.0 which was made available in the fall 2000.  It supports ASF and WMV video files and WMA and MP3 audio files. It does not support streaming video.  This version is compatible with the Preview Edition.  

Sample WMV Videos by Chris De Herrera.  You can download them to your Pocket PC.  These videos play in both Windows Media Player Preview Edition and Windows Media Player 7.1.   I converted these files from Casio QV AVI format.

CES 2001 - See Pedagog's Video Conferencing w/Pocket PC, Packet Video, Auto PC, and DataPlay in action!
Eiffel Tower
- A light show on the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
Going Down - Eiffel Tower
La Bufadora - The Blowhole, Ensenada Mexico.
Ocean Cave - An ocean cave being filled with the tide, Ensenada Mexico.
Salmon Toss - Pike Place Market, Seattle Washington

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