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Pager FAQ
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1999
 Version 1.04  Revised 8/19/99

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Beamlink is now available.  It allows you to use IrDA to send or receive a message/email from a Skytel AccessLinkII™  pager and store it in your Inbox.. Further you can synchronize you messages to Outlook. You can also upload addresses from your PC Companion to your pager.


Skytel Messenger for Windows CE allows a user to connect a cable from their Handheld PC to their Skytel 2 Way pager to send and receive messages.  You can use your address book to send messages to specific recipients or multiple recipients up to 8.

Socket PageCard

Socket has discontinued their PageCard.   The PageCard was a receive only alpha numeric pager that is a PC Card. You can receive pages while the pager is not in your H/PC or H/PC Pro and then transfer them to the unit when you put it in.


Motorola has discontinued their CompactFlash CF1350 Flex pager. This pager was designed to work in the Palm-size PC as well has the Handheld PC and Handheld PC, Professional Edition.  This pager was the first CompactFlash unit to have the antenna built into the unit. It is an alphanumeric receive only pager.

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