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Keyboard FAQ
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1999
Version 1.05  Revised 9/27/99

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Charmap offers an H/PC version of the Charmap application you would find on the desktop.  This is handy for entering in special language characters.

Fitaly Keyboard

The Fitaly Keyboard is a shareware keyboard that is easier to use for the Palm-size PC.   It can replace the standard pop-up keyboard for the Palm-size PC.

HP Keyboard

The HP Keyboard is for the Jornada 820, 680 and 420 as well as the 340, 260, 620, 660 LX.  No driver is provided for other versions or models.  Todd Ogasawara has a review of the HP Keyboard on his website.

IKey Mite Keyboard

A new Palm PC keyboard with 62 keys. It connects to the Palm-size PCs via the serial cable.  Also, it is self powered by 3 AAA batteries so it won't drain your Palm-size PC! Compatible with the Casio Cassiopeia, Everex Freestyle, and Philips Nino. Available in June, 1999.

KeyMap Pro

KeyMap Pro allows you to re-define your H/PCs keyboard in 56 different layouts based on specific languages.  It also offers a pop-up character map, macro capabilities, sticky shift key and date and time macros. If your bought an H/PC that is not configured for your language, this program may help make it easier to type in your native language.


Keymate is an adapter that allows you to connect a PS/2 keyboard to the IrDA port on your PC Companion.  There are 2 versions, standard and deluxe. The deluxe version supports the serial connector in addition to the IrDA port plus you have control over the numlock, and keyboard parameters. Currently in beta testing.

Newton Keyboard

The Newton Keyboard can be used with PC Companions for easier typing.   Besides a keyboard you'll need an adapter and a driver.  NewtonKey and HKKey are freeware drivers.

QuickPAD Keyboard

The QuickPAD Keyboard is designed to work with the Palm-size PC.  It is internally powered to maximize your P/PCs battery life by 3 AAA batteries.  The battery life is 400 hours of use or 1,200 hours of standby.


Unkey allows you to customize a pop-up keyboard with special characters.   This is a useful utility for international users of the P/PC who need accented characters.

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