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Disaster - Friday the 13th VS My E-11
By Clyde H. Cerilles, Copyright 1999
 Version 1.00  Revised 1/16/99

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My Disaster

Just thought I'd share this with you guys.

I live in the Philippines and with the monsoon rains causing havoc on our city, we are frequently up to our knees in floods. Yesterday, Friday the 13th was no exemption. By 7am, streets were already flooding up to our ankles. The way I maneuvered those puddles would have had me qualified as a marine, because I managed to keep my shoes dry till I was about to get on
the bus to work.

Then.. my E-11 decided to take a long awaited swim by jumping out of my pocket as I was landing from a long jump to a sidewalk. I must have panicked because I just stood there for like 15 seconds looking at my E-11 in it's case doing the back float. I picked it up and like a glassful of water poured out of the case. I shook it vigorously and guess what.. it slipped from my
hand and bungee jumped like 4 feet into the sidewalk pavement.. kind of denting the lower left corner.. heck.. what a way to start the day...

Drying Out

I immediately removed all the batteries and like let it drip all
the way to work. And did the following:

1. I opened the CF slot and out poured more water..
2. I opened the backup battery compartment and more water dripped out...
3. My LCD screen was like making one heck of a fractal design...
4. I couldn't take off the protective cover because it was kind of sticking to the screen because of the water..
5. I finally noticed the the stylus was gone.. it must have flown out when I was shaking it out ...

When I got to work, I stuck it in front of a fan.. with the CompactFlash slot facing the stream of air.. praying that somehow a miracle would save it.

By Lunch, the LCD screen was showing less fractal designs.. and no more water dripped out when I shook it...

By 3pm, I was brave enough to stick in some new batteries.. held my breath.. and .. nothing happened..  Now I was really thinking hard of some scheme to outwit Casio and claim it just went dead so maybe I can get something out of it's warranty.

So I just stuck it back in front of the fan... hoping maybe the water inside would dry up leaving no splotch marks on the circuit for Casio to hold against me.. I could always claim I sweat like hell... I was desperate!


By 8pm.. I was just placing it back in it's now dried case.. on my way home when I decided just to try once more.. I inserted the batteries.. and VOILA!.. it came on... though I had to restore backup and lost minimum data.

I could have kissed anyone from Casio at that time. I have had it synced with my PC and is working fine.. Now I have really come to appreciate the E-11 more than ever...

Just want to know though if there might be any other damage?? I don't have a CF card so don't know if anything in there was damaged.

Casio.. thanks for making such a great product.. :)

Clyde H. Cerilles

If you have a horror story to tell about your PC Companion, feel free to post it here or e-mail it to Chris De Herrera.


I reserve the right to edit or remove your entry if I feel it is inappropriate. 

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