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Compression Utilities FAQ
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1999, 2000 
 Version 1.01  Revised 12/11/2000

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Windows CE supports real time compression of data store in the internal ram.  It compresses text to a 2:1 ratio.  On storage cards there is no native support for compression. All software developers should create a version that users can download and install on their device.  Compression utilities listed below will reduce the download and install time.


PKZip files are the most common way of interchanging information from or to the desktop for end users.

Here is a list of applications that are able to manipulate PKZip files:

  1. CCZip - Allows you to zip and unzip files on your P/PC only. Freeware. Mips/SH3

  2. HandyZIP - Allows you to unzip files on your Pocket PC or Handheld PC. Shareware. Mips/SH3/StrongARM.

  3. JZip - Zip utility which requires the Java VM (currently not available).

  4. Pocket UnZip - Allows you to unzip files on your H/PC only. Freeware. Mips/SH3


LZH (also called LHA) compression is commonly used by Japanese developers for distributing software.  Tascal LHa H/PC Tascal LHA Palm-size PC- Allows you add/modify or delete items out of archives on your H/PC or Palm-size PC. Freeware.


I recommend that all users consider using compression utilities to help maximize their storage capabilities.  Also, software developers should provide a version that a user can download an install on their device (without a desktop).  In this case compression can help minimize the file transfer time.

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