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Pocket PC Articles
Code Name Rapier

By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1999, 2000, All Rights Reserved.
Revised 3/27/2000

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Microsoft Book Reader

Microsoft Reader

Microsoft Media Player

Media Player

Articles that discuss Rapier
Bill Gates CES 2000 International Keynote
Microsoft Pocket PC Software Previewed at Annual Consumer Electronics Show
Microsoft Announces Reader with Cleartype for New Pocket PCs
Microsoft Unveils New Windows Media Player for Palm-size and Pocket PCs
New Pocket PC Devices to Include Microsoft Reader with ClearType and Windows Media Player
Pocket PCs won't change much in handheld race
Gates touts new version of Windows CE, hints at Windows update
Microsoft Introduces Consumer-Plus Era at CES
Gates to unveil new Windows CE
Two out, Two Strikes in the bottom of the ninth for Windows CE?
Microsoft Widens Windows CE's Reach
Compaq unveils new Palm-sized Aero
Microsoft Banking on Upgraded Windows CE
Windows CE to get New Name
CE losing game in palm-size struggle
Win CE To Improve Remote Access
What's Ahead for Windows CE?
Microsoft's CE to become "Windows Powered"
Pocket Full of PC Apps
Windows CE Boasts New E-Mail Features
MS Adds Word, Excel to Pocket PC
MS Adds Word, Excel to Pocket PC
Pocket PC in your Pocket by April
Microsoft Pocket PC Hits Store Shelves Next Month
Microsoft Aims to Pick Palms Lock on Pocket
Microsoft Announced Pocket PC Applications
Pocket PC Software
Pocket PC - Seeing is Believing Tour
Microsoft Debuts Pocket PC for Handhelds
A Peek at Pocket PCs

A First Peek at the Newest Windows
Pocket PC Targets the Palm
3/27/00 Pocket PC Launch

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