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Pocket PC Feature Comparison
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2000, 2001
 Version 1.05  Revised 6/12/2001

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Head to Head Pocket PC Usability Comparison

Here is a comparison answering basic questions about the new Pocket PCs.   This is designed to help users understand the features that each device offers.   Also, this describes why you may want a specific feature or function in your Pocket PC based on how you may want to use it.  For a comparison of the hardware/software specifications, please read the Pocket PC Comparison.

Product Askey piccolo PC 010 Casio E-115, E-125 Casio EM-500 Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC - Color Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC - Gray Compaq Aero 1550 Hewlett Packard 540 series Palmax @migo Notes
Backward Application Compatibility No, ARM processor Yes, Mips applications Yes, Mips applications No, StrongARM processor No, StrongARM processor Yes, Mips applications Yes, SH3 applications No, StrongARM processor The ability to run existing Palm-size PC applications
Useable in Direct Sunlight Good Marginal Marginal Good Good Good Marginal Good Critical for some users
Display Type CSTN TFT TFT Reflective TFT STN STN CSTN Reflective TFT TFT are Active Matrix displays for faster, clearer response
Viewing Pictures Lowest - Gray Scale - 16 Best - 64k colors Best - 64k colors Moderate - 4k colors Lowest - Gray Scale - 15 Lowest - Gray Scale - 16 Moderate - 4k colors Moderate - 4k colors Ability to clearly see images on your display as they would appear on a monitor
Built-in Expansion (internal) Multimedia Card CompactFlash type II Multimedia Card None None CompactFlash type I CompactFlash type I PC Card, type II Peripherals - backward compatibility
Add-On Expansion (external) No No No Yes, CompactFlash or PC Card Yes, CompactFlash or PC Card No No No Peripherals - backward compatibility
Case   Plastic Plastic Metalized Plastic Metalized Plastic Plastic Metal Alloy Plastic Device Durability
Game Pad No Yes Yes Yes, plus center press for mouse click Yes, plus center press for mouse click No No Yes Up/Down /Left/Right rocker, important for games
Jog Wheel   Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes  
Stylus   Stick Stick Stick, Weighted Stick, Weighted Stick, Weighted String Bean Stick Personal Preference
Speaker Back Front, lower right corner Front, lower right corner On Game Pad On Game Pad back, middle Front, lower right corner Front, center Ability to hear sounds, important for games
Display Cover No No No No No No Yes, removable No Protects screen
Alarm Notification Switch No No No No No No Yes, press LED cover No Ability to cancel alarm when in a case or closed
Video Playback No Yes, Excellent Yes, Excellent Yes, Excellent No No Yes, average display Yes, Excellent Ability to play movies fast and clearly
Video Record No Yes No No No No No No Ability to record movies
Battery Removable AA Removable Removable Not Removable Not Removable Removable Not Removable Removable Removable batteries allow you to charge more than one for long trips
Backward Peripheral Compatibility No E-100/105 - Battery, Cables, Cradle, Camera Card E-100/105 Cables No No Aero 1500 - Battery, Cables, Cradle No No Ability to use investment in existing peripherals

Discuss your Pocket PC needs at Pocket PC FAQ.

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