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Pocket Money and Multiple Partnerships
By Ken Lewis,  Copyright 2000, All Rights Reserved
Revised 5/25/2000

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Today I have been messing around trying to solve my problem syncing my Money files over a LAN.

Eric Chew indicated he had been doing it on his H/PC and gave some detailed instructions on how he accomplished it. I followed them on my Jornada 545 and still could not get it to work.

So I fired up my trusty Jornada 680 and loaded Pocket Money on it and tried to set it up they way Eric had demonstrated, thinking that maybe it would work on an H/PC but not a Pocket PC. I still could not get it to work.

Synchronizing with Two Partnerships

During the course of playing around with this setup I managed to figure out a way to sync both devices to my one Money desktop file.

It's not pretty and I haven't thoroughly tested it but it does seem to work. (As in for instance, this may only work for an HC and a Pocket PC, but won't work for 2 Pocket PC's...others will have to try that out)

My initial setup for syncing Pocket Money was with my Pocket PC. I went into Tools->Options in ActiveSync and unchecked Microsoft Money for my Jornada 545 setup.

Then I loaded Pocket Money on my H/PC and checked Microsoft Money under Tools->Options. Click OK. Then go back in to Tools->Options again and highlighted Microsoft Money and clicked on settings and made sure these settings matched those I had been using with the Pocket PC.

Docked my H/PC and received a message (something to this effect, I don't have the exact wording) that the Money file has been synced with a different device and asks for confirmation to establish a partnership with the new device. I selected OK. ActiveSync loaded up my H/PC. and synced the databases. I then undocked my H/PC and went into Tools->Options and unchecked Money for the H/PC.

Then I manually selected my Pocket PC under File->Mobile Device. Went into Tools->Options and checked Money. Docked my 545 and sure enough I got that warning message again asking if its OK to changed the partner device for Money. Selected OK and Money is synced again on my Pocket PC.

So it seems that this might work if one wants to manually choose which device to sync with your Money files. I will point out that I haven't tried entering any transactions into either device to see if any problems come up. I simply noted that both device synced up fine with all my chosen accounts and transactions loaded correctly each time I changed which device to sync with. (I switched syncing about 3 times each device)

Synchronizing Pocket Money using Ethernet

By the way, I did get syncing to work over a my LAN connection but only after removing my Money passwords on both my desktop and pocket files. It would not work any other way.

I will also point out that after each switch of device to sync with, that the first connection between PC and device has to be over a serial/USB connection. That warning message that you get about changing partnerships does not work if your connected via a LAN and will therefore prevent you from allowing ActiveSync to change partnerships because you can't answer the message box's question.

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