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Casio BE-300 FAQ
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2001

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Developers:  Attend Casio's Pocket Manager Developer's Conference to learn more about porting your applications to run on the BE-300!

Is the BE-300 a Pocket PC?

No, the BE-300 is not a Pocket PC. It does use the Windows CE 3.0 operating system though.  It is not compatible with the Pocket PC applications.

What applications is the BE-300 compatible with?

The BE-300 is compatible with some of the Palm-size PC (Windows CE 2.11) applications. You will need to test your application for compatibility.

Where are programs stored in the BE-300?

You can store applications in the flash memory of the system just like the operating system.  You can also store programs in a CompactFlash card  as well.  The programs must be put in the \Program Files directory on the CompactFlash card in order to be listed in the menu.

Why doesn't the BE-300 have a backup battery?

All information in the BE-300 is stored in flash so if you completely drain the batteries, none of the information is lost.  Also, the system completely powers down when you press the off button so the batteries are not drained to retain the information in ram like on the Pocket PC or Palm-size PC or the Palm.

Can I port my Windows CE application to the BE-300?

Yes you can take your Palm-size PC application with Casio's SDK and recompile it to work on the BE-300 very quickly.  Most applications port in a matter of minutes since the basic code is the same. There are some differences in the user interface however the SDK maps directly to the Palm-size PC's interface.

How can I synchronize the BE-300?

You can use Intellisync's BE-300 support to synchronize your calendar, contacts and tasks.  Also, you can not use ActiveSync 3.1 at this time.

Where can I learn more about the BE-300?

Visit Casio's website for the BE-300.  Also, see the additional information available here at Pocket PC FAQ on the BE-300.

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