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Pocket PC 2002 Articles
Code Name Merlin

By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2001, All Rights Reserved.
Revised 9/17/2001

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Articles that discuss Merlin
Please keep in mind that these articles may not be completely accurate since Merlin has not been announced.

Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 Website - 9/8/01

Pocket PC 2002: Power, Refined - 9/7/01
Special Feature: Pocket PC 2002
- 9/7/01

HPs Jornada 565/568 can connect wirelessly
- 9/7/01

Q&A: Ben Waldman, Vice President of the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft, Previews New Pocket PC Software
- 9/6/01

Microsoft Means Business -- Announcing the Pocket PC 2002
- 9/6/01
HP Intros Color Pocket PCs Based on New OS - 9/4/01
HP Handhelds fall under Merlin's Spell
- 8/27/01
"Merlin" to enchant HP handhelds
- 8/26/01
Heard From Within: iPAQ Upgrade Half-Truths
- 8/25/01
Merlin Beta Screen Shots - 8/25/01
Merlin: Pocket PC 2001? - 8/15/01
PDABuzz Discussion
- 8/8/01
The Magic of Merlin
- 8/7/01
Microsoft Pocket PC to lock out non-ARM chips
- 8/4/01

Compaq Prepares for New Pocket PC
- 7/26/01
Pocket PC Passion Discussion
- 7/20/01

Other Articles on Merlin

Pocket PC 2002 FAQ
Pocket PC 2002 Upgrades

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