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Storing AvantGo Channels on CompactFlash
By John Cody, Copyright 2000, 2001
 Version 1.01  Revised 1/28/2001

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In my Casio E-115 Pocket PC, AvantGo's client browser app appears to have been integrated within Pocket Internet Explorer (as opposed to being a stand alone custom browser as with Windows CE 2.11), meaning there is no separate browser app needed to view AvantGo channels.

I have a lot of channels in my AvantGo, consisting of 800+ pages total. This takes up a lot of space in the default "main memory" of my Pocket PC. I have a 128MB compact flash card that I used with my E-105 that had the AvantGo client 3.3 installed on this compact flash so all the 800+ off-line web pages would not eat up my precious main memory. But, by default the Avantgo built-into the Pocket Internet Explorer of Pocket PC stores the web pages/databases in the main memory's "\windows\avantgo" directory.

[Editor's Note:  Using a registry editor may corrupt your data on your device.  Make sure you have a current backup before editing your registry.]

Forcing AvantGo to store channels on CompactFlash

To force AvantGo to store the cached web pages in your storage card do this:

1) Move the entire avantgo directory and its sub directories (such as avgoversion) from the \windows directory to the storage card so in essence your the path changes from "\windows\avantgo" to "\storage card\avantgo"

2) Using a registry editor, goto "hkey_current_user\software\avantgo" and change the "DataBaseLocation" value from "\windows\avantgo" to "\storage card\avantgo"

3) Go into mobile link on your desktop and select settings and then properties for the server and check "refresh all content n next sync"

Do a resynchronization. All the AvantGo data will now be stored on your storage card.

Editors Note: These changes are included in RegKing.  Also, moving AvantGo to your CompactFlash card does increase the size of the AvantGo files you can synchronize. They are still limited to 2 MB.

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