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Handheld PC 2000 Upgrades
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2000, 2001

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Clio - MainStreet Networks

"MainStreet Networks CDG is planning to have two software releases (ROMs) based on the new CE 3.0 operating system, one will be focused more for our vertical channels and partners and the second for enterprise and individual customers. Both of these ROMs will be backward compatible with all Clio C-1050's (not the C-1000). Meaning that, all C-1050 customers will be able to upgrade their Clio to the latest platform if they so desire."  

3-16-01 MainStreet Networks has decided to use the Platform Builder instead of the Handheld PC 2000 software.  I do not know if they will offer an upgrade to existing units.

Jornada 680/690 - Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard has chosen not to offer an upgrade to the Handheld PC 2000 software for the Jornada 680/690.  They do offer upgrades to their included applications to the same version as the Jornada 720 has.  The applications are available at the link above.

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