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Stylus + Review
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1999

 Version 1.00  Revised 10/4/99

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One of the latest styli's I've seen in the Stylus + from at $19.99, it offers the ability to use a stylus, pencil, and 2 pens on demand in the same size package as a regular pen. With this stylus, you can switch from pen to pencil to stylus with one hand by rotating the pen to have the appropriate color coded side up. The unit I received had fine point black and red pens, a .5mm pencil and a stylus. The Stylus + is available with blue and black ink as well. It did not scratch the screen of my PC Companions after using it.

I was impressed with the quality and clean operation of the mechanical switching mechanism of the Stylus +. The stylus is not as soft as the Cross Digital Writer but still offered good tactile feedback to the writer. The use of standard size refills for the pens is a big plus. I was not sure how to fill the .5mm pencil lead (the fill tube is not on the top like other mechanical pencils.) I was able to add the lead by unscrewing the pen barrel and pulling the pen off and filling the tube with lead.

Overall, I am very pleased with the Stylus +. The ease of use allows me to only carry this stylus versus individual pens and pencils. I liked the balance of the pen and it's weight. It felt comfortable in my hand. I liked the grooved black grip which was comfortable for writing and stylus use. The Stylus + also offers a highlighter as an option in case you need one. I'm more than willing to carry the Stylus + compared to separate writing utensils.

Stylus's comparisons are difficult qualitative comparisons of features. Your satisfaction with a particular stylus may be different. I recommend that users try different styli out to identify which best meets their needs.

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