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HP 620/660 LX Upgrade to H/PC Pro
By Bill Bishop, Copyright 1999

 Version 1.00  Revised 8/4/99

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The upgrade costs about $180.00, so it's perhaps a bit expensive, but I feel (now that I have completed the installation) that it was worthwhile.  I got some new functionality, and I didn't lose any irreplaceable data during the upgrade.  My old utilities either work fine or are replaced with something better.  There are several subtle improvements, especially in terms of faster operation overall and better troubleshooting abilities (no more magic programs that don't bother to make startup sounds).

The coolest thing:

SkyCommander now works reasonably.  I am guessing that the new drivers for the IrDA got debugged.  My IrDA monitoring software also gets less errors at startup.

The uncoolest thing:

The Registry Editor included is Gagh (the disgusting worm-food Klingons consider a delicacy).  Keep GrundleSoft RegEditCE.

Upgrade gotchas:

  1. ***Make the backup.***  You *will* need it.  If you forget, you are hosed.
  2. The instructions indicate only a few things that are lost; they don't tell you that all your custom software will be gone.  So if there are secret keys/enabling keys/etc for your software, make sure you have it all handy because you will be re-installing it.  And make sure the only copy **is not** on the H/PC; everything there will be gone, and the backup cannot be read until after the restore.
  3. When you are done, you will have to delete your old system entry from the "Mobile Devices" folder to remake the connection.  ***Do not do this until after you have restored the backup***!
  4. Watch out for the letters in your inbox in your main email account- mine got deleted (luckily it was just a couple of word-puzzles and the location of the order form for ESPN the ragazine).  Make backups of these, or move
    them out before you start the synchronization.
  5. For those who have Ethernet cards and are used to lightning-quick transfer, you will have to suffer through a 115K restore.  My transfer time was over 1 hour.  Have lunch.  Make sure you have a UPS.  ;) (Note: The Backup & Restore FAQ describes how to restore using Ethernet!)


So far, the only casualty has been LapLink CE, which I wasn't looking at using much (if any) anyway; my screen's too small.

Further info:
If there are questions, I will try to get some answers, but I am a senior Tech Support Engineer for Oracle, and busy, so don't be surprised if it takes me awhile.

Best Regards,
-Bill Bishop

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