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Printing FAQ
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1998-2001
Version 1.07  Revised 2/27/2001

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With Windows CE 2.0 printing was introduced.   Below is a list of printing capabilities for Windows CE 2.0 or later including the Pocket PC.

Native Handheld PC

The Handheld PC can print to PCL 3 laser printers in black and white only.  Graphics is supported as well as printing via the serial port or IrDA port.  Serial port printing is limited to 56k and IrDA printing appears to operate at 9600.  I recommend that users purchase a serial to parallel adapter for ease of use.   You can print to a network printer but you are limited to only printing text files - see my Network Client FAQ for details.

Canon offers a print driver for their BJC-50 and BJC-80 on their website.  Just download and install the driver and you can print!

Native Palm-size PC, Pocket PC

The Palm-size PC and the Pocket PC do not have native printing capabilities.  Bsquare's bPRINT does offer printing capabilities.

Bsquare bPRINT

BSquare offers bPRINT which adds additional functionality to the native printing capabilities of Windows CE.  With bPRINT you can print to Epson Esc-P2 or Epson PDA code printers such as the Cannon BJC-80.  Also it supports printing via the serial port or IrDA.  bPRINT also includes BSquare VIEW to preview documents before they are printed and a print queue to queue jobs to be printed later.  bPRINT supports both the Handheld PC and Palm-size PC. BSquare no longer sells bPRINT directly to users.

FutureSoft Netprint for Windows CE

FutureSoft offers Netprint for Windows CE which allows Handheld PC 2.0 and Handheld PC, Professional Edition to print to Windows NT networked printers.  The H/PCs can be connected via the serial cable or Ethernet or any other TCP/IP based connection the user prefers.

Westtek JETCET Print

Westtek offers JETCET Print which provides color printing capabilities to Handheld PCs.  It supports Epson ESC/P2, Hewlett-Packard PCL3, and PostScript Level 2.  It includes a print preview function as well as enhanced half-tones and printing via the serial port and IrDA.

The following devices are compatible with JETCET Print: Canon BubbleJet BJC-50, BJC-80, BJC-250 & BJC 4300, Epson Stylus Color 400, 600, & 800 Series, Epson Stylus Photo, Photo & Photo 700, Hewlett-Packard Deskjet 340C, 400, 600 & 800 Series (not including 820Cse and 820Cxi ), Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 4L, 4P, 4MP, 4si & 4000, 5L, 5P, 5MP & 5si, 6L & 6P, Pentax PocketJet, Pentax PocketJet II.

Pocket PC Clip Print

Field Software offers Pocket PC Clip Print which allows you to print from the clipboard.  It supports color.  Also, there is a version for the Palm-size PC as well.

Pocket Shot

Field Software offers Pocket Shot which allows you to print the screen from your Pocket PC, Palm-size PC or Handheld PC, Professional Edition. It also supports color as well.

Print Pocket PC

Field Software offers Print Pocket PC which allows you to print text or rich text format (RTF) files directly to a printer.  You can also adjust the size of the printing as a percentage.  Version 2.0 includes support for printing Pocket Word files with images as well as e-mail messages, in color.  Supports Pentax PocketJet, HP 340/350CBi, most HP DeskJet and LaserJet printers, Canon compatible printers (including BJC-50/80/85 plus other Bubble-Jet compatible printers), Epson ESC/P2, Stylus and 24-pin LQ compatible printers, Seiko DPU-3445, Citizen PD-04, Citizen PN60i, O'Neil MicroFlash, Extech and more.

Serial to Parallel Converters

The following Serial to Parallel converters have been used to print with Windows CE.  They should work with both bPRINT and JetCET:

Aegis Technologies CE-PRT

Isota  p/n 000-0102-00 - Available from MobileScape with Jetcet CE

Greenwich GA-935

Greenwich GA935CE

Parallax Research LitePrint

IrDA Printer Adapters

The following IrDA Printer Adapters should work with Windows CE.  I do not know what baud rate they will work at.  Also, IrDA can have difficulties due to interference from fluorescent lights.


Extended Systems JetEye Printer

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