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Advice: Palm or Pocket PC?
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Beyond the Horizon

PostPosted: Tue Jul 03, 2001 11:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

There is a aditional Battery in my PC-Card sleeve for the iPAQ (even 2 batteries in the new dual PC Card sleeve)
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2001 1:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have been thinking of buying a PDA, to 'organize my time' and 'take good habits' of money budgetting..

I did thinking and analysis for about one month. Today I finally bought a Casio E-125 at 400 British Pounds on askelectronics.co.uk

I watched ebay, but there are only few E-125 and the prices go up tp about the same amount of money.. which is normal as this model is new.

At the beginning on this one month period, you'd tell me I'd spend 400 pounds on my life-organiser, I would have said no way.

But then I think it is always possible to re-sell it on ebay if I need to eat urgently.

By the way, I'll have it probably sometimes next week and in the meantime I am catching up with pocketpc online scene..
I am happy that the pocket pc itself is still new, I've read it started in april 2000.

I'll see and will try some development on it, particularly with the Macromedia Flash Player for pocket pc !

Byebye, http://go.to/alliax
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2001 9:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Both Palm and PPC have pros and cons. I have a iPaq and a Palm 505.

Pros for Palm:
- small size (hardly notice in shirt pocket)
- good battery life (can go over 1 week with normal usage before charge)
- ease of use
- less expensive (most expensive Palm is about the same price as cheapest PPC, and you can get a basic Palm for $100)
- more available software.

Pros for PPC:
- High res screen, with virtual input area (best features of PPC IMHO). Sony's Palm now has a high res screen too, but the "Graffitti area" is not "virtual" like PPC, so the viewable screen is smaller on the Palm compared to the PPC
- More memory. Despite the fact that PPC apps take more memory, the PPC OS can access more RAM then Palm, and data files are approximately the same size as Palm vs. PPC.
- More "powerful". The PPC is more like a Windows PC in that it has document, program files, etc. This gives the user more control, but also makes the PPC more complicated.
- Bundled with Pocket Word and Excel, and Explorer. New Palms come with a similiar program to Pocket Word/Excel, but not as full featured, and does not come with a browser.

I'm sure I missed some things, but basically it depends on what's important to you. For an easy to use PDA that is small with a battery that lasts over a week, go with Palm.

If you want a large, high res screen, will use Word/Excel extensively, and you don't mind staying close to your charger then go with PPC.
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2001 8:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ok, weel i have read the statments made her and i have this to say. I just got my new palm m505 and gave up my palm IIIxe. If you follow palm os then you know that the palm IIIxe had some problem do to hardware failure but this was easyly fixed and was the only down flaw to my whole experance. Ok so here we go. My friend had two diffrent models of pocket pc and that is what i am useing in my comparison so i might not hit on ever thing.

With my old palm everything was easy fast and increadbly tweaked. I could make it do what i wanted it to do do when i wanted it to do it. Thisis the same for my m505. The pocket pc on the other had was ade for a large amount of diffrent hardware and had a "bulky" os. the intrface is something you could get used to but at the same time that damn virtual keyboard just coverd up what you were wrighting if it was on the bottom of the screen.

As far as memory goes the older palms (my IIIxe) had i size limit of 12 megs of usable ram (the data storasge area) yuck thats terrible. While my friends pocket pc had attached to it a ibm macro drive that was a gig big. (ool! My new m505 with os 4.0 was done away with this though. now it to has an expansion slot and upgradeable memory.

OK now some weird stuff. The pocket pc had head phone jack. my palm did not, it [my palm] also lacked a real speaker so the mp3's i had loaded on it sounded more like static with a rythm. I added a head phone jack (don't ell palm support) and every thing was fine by me. Now on my new m505 it has a better speaker and there is no need for a jack even though it does not have one. The pocke pc like i said came with one so that is a plus if u want a expencive colorful mp3 player.
Now back to memory.
Ok the pocket pc's base memory is on avrage 32 megs. the palms is 8 megs. now before you make up your mind on that think about this. My firend had 3 songs loaded and 4 apps that wern't built in. on my palm i have 3 mp3's a 2 min ... 150 apps 10 16 bit pitcures (yes m505 supports it) and numrous hacks databases and such, all with out expnsion cards. just wait till i get one o those. the bigest palm app I have is Race Fever at 650KB aND THE MOVIE MENTIONED BEFORE AT HI-RES IS 640k the avrage size of apps on the palm is about less then 50KB there for you can ft a shit load of stuff I even have 3 megs of frre space left. My friend with the same # of apps with the 1 gig macro drive in has < 200 megs of space left and the avrage space for ppc apps is around 1 meg. Some of my sceuss is do to tricks and tips i have learned and some to palms configuration.

The OS
Ok well palm os can not truly multitask in many aspects all thought os 4 has sevral improvments and the DA Launchers have a pretty good idea going. The applications on a palm pilot never close once they are open except after a soft reset and thuly if u leave an app in the middle of doing something u can come back and start where u left off. On the pocket pcs u can wulti task but it takes up memory. this is a great feature for the PPC. if only it didn't take som much memory every open program has to have it's share of RAM left open for use while the palm os apps just take off magically eith out haveing to have recorces left to it after switching to a diffrent application.

Ok now for the size. The PPC is just that a packet PC. you have to whare the pants with the bigh pockets if your not going to carry it in your hand. them palm is pocket size and fits even in your 3 year old tight jeans that you only whare when wornking on your car.

the palm m505 add ons are rangeing from 20 to 100 dollors us while the pocket pc's add ons are 100 to 600 dollors us. Me havving little money find in favor of the palm. There are however a wide range of addons for both so no need worring about lack of things t spend money on.


WOW This will be fun. almost every palm application had worked on my palm except for thoes made for os 1 and some from os 2. There are only 2 sets of some applications (grey scale, and color) but for most they are one in the same. For he pocket pc on the other hand each diffrent divice (like a jordon vs. a ipac) has to have it's own unique application precompiled for it. What a pain in the ass. and if you change devices better whip out that credit card and start buying the software all over again. As far a price of software goes mose palm apps that are not devolopment are free to $20 us waying heavly on the free side. There is also a wide base of warez sites and locations to get amost every app from. While the ppc is expencive and there is no warez because of the proccesser diffrences.

In my opnion the palm is a better buy for prtical users and thoughs that like to have gagedts but the pocket pc is a better buy for someone who wants to spend the money and whow the world they can buy mor expencive things. I have yet to see the pocket pc do any thing that a palm can not except voice recordings and make you buy 3 versions of software to work on 3 diffrent divices.

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Joined: 10 Jun 2001
Posts: 31
Location: California

PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2001 8:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

If you have owned a Palm before, and prefer its simplicity, go for that.

If you want better graphics and a more elaborate, complex device that can do more visually and audio-wise, get a PPC.

If you want the tiniest thing, get aM50x series or used Vx. If you don't care and need more of the multimedia and higher resolution I mentioned, get a Cassiopeia EM-500 or E-125.

If you want something fairly slim with color and a better outdoor screen, the PPC choice is iPAQ - the Palm choices are m505 and CLIE 710C. Personally, although the m505 has the best form of any PDA, the CLIE would win out of all the PalmOS devices for me. It has a 320x320 screen, MP3 playback, memory expansion (MemorySticks just went down in price)and other bells & whistles like a jog shuttle wheel.

No offense to the Prism owner, but I hated my Prism with a passion. It had virtually no apps that supported its 16-bit display, it's by far the fattest, heaviest Palm device ever, the build quality is garbage (paint rubbing off, people complaining of case cracking) and Handspring just can't write an app (FileMover) to save its life - my 8MB Springboard module blew its entire contents because I tried to copy a file over when it was almost (not completely) full. AVOID.

In the PPC realm, the choice is a little less clear. The two leading choices are iPAQ and Casio. I hate to say it, but the Jornada is pretty much out of the picture software-support wise. It does have the Stowaway, but that's coming for Cassiopeia later this year.

The iPAQ is certainly the most popular, has a decent screen that can be viewed outdoors, a fast CPU and everyone's supporting it.

The problem comes with its poor quality control history. A really disproportionate number of people have complained about dust, sticking styli, flipped screens, etc. The newer models are better, but still not immune. I had a 3635 for a while and it had dust and the sticking stylus. The battery life also seemed no better than my overclocked E-125.

The Casios have phenomenal indoor screens. Definitely the best of all PDA's - and it also has a 16-bit display, the iPAQ only has a 12-bit (4096) color screen. For me, that alone was enough to push me towards the Casio, because I'm an artist and I wanted the best possible display for graphics...

Overclocked, an E-125 is quick enough to be comparable to the iPAQ and although brick-like, is actually smaller in diameter and length than the Compaq with a sleeve.

Also, if games are something you'll be wanting to play, the iPAQ has a problem with pushing more than one button at a time. If you're playing Mario on a GameBoy emulator, you won't be able to jump and shoot at the same time. A joypad driver has been written by Russ Smith which allows an adapter to be used, but you have to lug around the Stinger Joypad with your iPAQ.

Try all of these out as much as possible. You may come up with a preference for some reason nobody here can advise you on.

There's also the EM-500 which although limited by its system RAM to 16MB, is a really viable alternative and quite cheap (using the same SD format as the new m50x series). Both models can be had for well under $400 - the EM-500 is down to $300 if you look.

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John in Alabama

PostPosted: Tue Aug 07, 2001 12:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Being a semi-frequent traveler who doesn’t want to ever lug a notebook pc around (Vaios are cool though), I had been using a Handspring Visor Deluxe up until a couple of months ago. I loved the Visor mainly because of its Springboard expansion slot, which I kept occupied with a Thinmodem, SoundsGood Mp3 Player, and other goodies. I got reasonable performance out of two AAA batteries (10-20 hrs). One of my primary reasons to get the Palm-based Visor was the independence the batteries afforded me.

Then I bought a pocket PC. I have never looked back. I bought a Jornada 548, which has a compact flash slot built-in (eliminating any ugly sled type kludges to hold hardware devices), all of my favorite Windows apps, and a beautiful color screen that is easy on the eyes. I have the Targus Stow-away keyboard, a nifty little modem that slips in the CF slot, and several CF cards (which are very cheap now…128 MB for $70). That will hold a bunch of Mp3s, or even a whole Jackie Chan movie.

I get 6-8 hrs on a charge, and when traveling, all I have to bring is a little power adapter (which can plug into the Stow-away, so I can charge while I work). I like the Jornada for its sleek look, and extremely solid feel. I don’t play arcade games so the SH3 processor is not a drawback. It’s a beautiful thing.

I will never go back to a Palm based machine. Pocket PC all the way!
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