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TrendNET CF10/100baseT Ethernet Card
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2001
 Version 1.00  Revised 1/28/2001

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So you want to get connected at 100 mb/s to your Ethernet LAN?  Got a Pocket PC with only a CompactFlash slot and wonder how can I connect at 100 mb/s? Well with the TrendNET CF10/100baseT Ethernet card you can!


The TrendNET CF10/100base T is a type I CompactFlash  card so you can use it in all the Pocket PC that have CompactFlash slots.  It supports 10 megabits 10 baseT Ethernet as well as 100 megabits 100 baseT Ethernet as well as full duplex for both so you can get the most out of your network connection.  It supports LEDs for transmit, receive, collision, full duplex, 100 mb, and link which will help you identify the connection you are making with your network.  I suspect that this card is not low power due to the ability to connect to 100mb/s networks.


I installed the TrendNET CF10/100 baseT card in my Cassiopeia EG-800 and I installed the drivers. I did notice that the drivers used the older 2.11 user interface for the network settings.  Going back to this interface did not appear to affect other network connections but it should not have done that if the drivers were specifically designed to work with the Pocket PC. Further, I tested network access and network synchronization without a problem.  I did experience a continuous problem trying to perform a backup using ActiveSync and Ethernet with this card. The Pocket PC never completed the backup. 


So if you need 100mb/s and you only have a CompactFlash slot, consider the TrendNET CF 10/100 baseT ethernet card.  I contact TrendNET support via phone and e-mail about the backup issue and never heard from them about resolving it.  While this product does not work completely, it does allow you to connect to 100mb/s networks.

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