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Bonzai Bridges the Desktop Gap
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2002
 Version 1.00  Revised 10/14/2002

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The Simple Technology Bonzai allows users to easily transfer data to their PC.  It is a very small Secure Digital or MultiMedia Card reader which uses USB. The Bonzai is more than just a USB card reader. It is so small that you can easily carry it wherever you go.  The SD or MMC card actually fits inside the reader to protect it. Even with the card inserted the reader is about the same size as the new USB drives that cannot be upgraded.

What's Included?

The Bonzai includes the card reader, a SD card of a specific size (mine is a 128 MB, 256 MB is available), and a lanyard so you can wear it around your neck.  Simple Tech also includes an optional USB cable extension so you can easily access your Bonzai even if you do not have USB ports in the front of your PC. It also has an LED that indicates when the Bonzai is in use. You don't need to install drivers for Windows 2000, XP or ME.   You can download drivers for Windows 98 from Simple Technologies website.  Also it is compatible with Apple OS 8.x, 9.x and X.


I found the Bonzai to be very useful in easily moving data from my PC to my Pocket PC.  I have used it with both SD and MMC cards without any problems with my Casio Fiva with Windows XP sp1.  Overall I prefer the Bonzai over the Cruzer since it is smaller.  I plan on using mine in lieu of purchasing a USB Drive and as a quick way to transfer data onto my Pocket PCs.  Best of all the price is only about $10 to 15 more than a SD card by itself, making this purchase a real easy decision for serious users wanting the most for their money.  Purchase at - Bonzai 128 Mb or 64 MB.

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