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Seidio Data Power Pack for the T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition Review
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2002
 Version 1.00  Revised 9/16/2002

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Once I received my oem version of the T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition, I knew I really needed some other ways to charge it.  Seidio offers their Data Power Pack which meets this need.  With the Data Power Pack, I can charge using a 9v battery, USB while synchronizing, AC Adapter, Cigarette Lighter Adapter and on an Airplane!  I have tested every charging option except the airplane adapter and they all work flawlessly.  The only recommendation I can make is do not soft reset your Phone Edition with the cable plugged in or you won't be able to sync until you perform a soft reset without the cable.  The Data Power Pack will work with the O2 XDA as well since it supports international voltages (110-220 volts 50-60hz) but you'll need an adapter to change the pinout  While I was charging my Phone Edition using the 9 volt battery emergency charger, I started out at 40% of the remaining battery left.  I was able to fully charge the Phone Edition in about 3 hours using one 9 volt battery.


Seidio Data Power Pack - Case

Seidio Data Power Pack - Open

Components - Top - Air Power Cable, USB Sync Cable
Bottom - AC USB Charger, 9v Battery Adapter, Cigarette Lighter USB Charger

Cable setup for synchronization and charging via USB

Phone Edition charging via the 9volt battery


Overall, I found the the Seidio Data Power Pack invaluable for my Pocket PC Phone Edition.   The Data Power Pack is available for  HP iPAQ 3800/3900,  Toshiba E-550, E-570. You can purchase the Seidio Data Power Pack for the Pocket PC Phone Edition for $49.95 until 9/30 and $59.95 after that..

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