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Pocket PC Summit
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2001
All Pictures By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2001

 Version 1.00  Revised 10/19/2001

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Here's some pictures and panoramas I took at the Pocket PC Summit.  I wanted to share them with readers so they could get an idea what it's like to attend the Pocket PC Summit.

Pictures - Behind the Scenes

Microsoft's demo hardware laid out before Ben Waldman's keynote

Craig Dewar getting the systems configured for Ben Waldman's Keynote
Note: That's a Compaq server they are using for the demo!

The Windows 2000 Server providing the local website, and internet access for all the wireless users

The wiring and power for the 10/100 switch and the Symbol 802.11b wireless access points.  Yes, we ran the power for the A/Ps over the Ethernet so we did not have to plug them in!

Panoramic Views of the Pocket PC Summit

The Garden - The ScottyVest sponsored Lunch at the Pocket PC Summit
The Starlight Ball Room - This is where the main keynotes were presented.
The Exhibit Hall - This is the main isle of the exhibit hall with lots of people milling around.

All panoramic views require Quicktime VR

Chris's Wireless Presentation

I presented the current wireless technologies available to the attendees of the Pocket PC Summit.  I demonstrated the 802.11b wireless LAN in action, as well as Field Software's Print Pocket CE over Bluetooth.  Unfortunately, my cell phone demo did not work!  Thanks to Bob Madry for taking these pictures for me.

Steve Bush's Keynote

Steve talked to us about the community aspects of the web and where Brighthand fits into the scheme of things.  Also, he covered why OEMs and other vendors should pay attention to web communities - people listen to other people.

Other Moments...

Hal Goldstein, Pocket PC Magazine announcing the Pocket PC Awards

John Tidwell, Pocket PC Summit and Peter Green, Intel.  Peter was just back from fishing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

ZioSoft Bass Fishing Game - Pretty cool but they missed the best lake in the world for bass fishing - Castaic Lake (really close to where I live!)

Dale Coffing, Pocket PC Passion, manning the Microsoft Booth demo area at the Pocket PC Summit

URThere @migo with the Pocket PC 2002 Software  They have a 64 MB version they were demonstrating too!

Hewlett Packard Jornada 560 series long life battery with SD slot at the bottom!


WOW what a great experience!  I really had a great time participating in lots of discussions about the Pocket PC at the Pocket PC Summit.  I can't wait to get to the next one!

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