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Pocket Mac Preview
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2001
 Version 1.01  Revised 10/19/2001

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I was attending the launch of the Pocket PC 2002 in San Francisco and I ran into Terence Goggin's booth for Pocket Mac.  Pocket Mac is the first sync application for Pocket PCs to sync with a Macintosh.  

A Demo

Terence was there demoing Pocket Mac's file transfer capabilities with his Mac laptop using Ethernet to connect his Pocket PC. 

Pocket Mac on a Jornada 568

I captured a video of Terence demonstrating the file transfer of a Word document from the Mac to the Pocket PC.  You'll notice that the shot is a little jerky because I shot it at the Pocket PC 2002 Launch with others around me.

View the Pocket Mac Video

Pocket Mac on OS X Screen Shots

Minimal View

Expanded View

Browsing the Pocket PC

File Sync in progress


Overall Pocket Mac is impressive!  The standard version of Pocket Mac is now shipping!.  So look for updates at

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