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OtterBox 1910 Review
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2006

 Version 1.00  Revised 2/21/2006

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Recently I have had a chance to test the OtterBox 1910 rugged case ($129.95)with the HP hw6500 Pocket PC and the HP hw6900 Pocket PC.  The OtterBox 1910 case is a special case designed to work with 6500 and 6900 series Pocket PCs.  The case is especially rugged and it is water resistant, dust resistant and drop resistant.  The case is not much larger than the hw6900 so you will still be able to hold it easily.

The OtterBox 1910 case w/the HP hw6900 sitting in water.

The OtterBox 1910 w/the hw6900 inside.

The right side of the case.  See the access door for the Secure Digital card slot.

Here's a picture of the bottom. Notice that you can use the digital camera while the iPAQ is in the case.  Also you can see the industrial clips that close the case.

Here's a picture of the bottom. You can remove the plug and charge the iPAQ in the case. Also, you can plug in a headset as well.  If you choose to charge the iPAQ in the case, it can be difficult to remove the ac adapter without opening the case.

The OtterBox 1910 case immersed in water.

I was able to make phone calls and hear through the case however I did find that I needed to turn the volume up on level.  Also, miniature joystick for navigation can only be used to select items due to the rubber cover to protect the Pocket PC.  To navigate, I had to use the stylus over the thin membrane separating the screen and the Pocket PC.  This works well however if you push too hard you may see stretch marks in the cover.  Also, if you drop your OtterBox 1910 case in the water, it will float!  Overall I really like the OtterBox 1910 case.  It works very well with the hw6500 and 6900 series of Pocket PC Phones from HP.  If you are active and want a rugged case, I would recommend that you consider the OtterBox 1910 case.

OtterBox 1910 Video - Watch the OtterBox 1910 case with the HP hw6900 Pocket PC get immersed in water!

You can find out more about OtterBox at

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