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O2 XDA Quick Review
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2002
 Version 1.00  Revised 4/15/2002

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I got a chance to take a quick look at the new O2 XDA which integrates the Pocket PC 2002 and a cell phone in the same unit.  The O2 is manufactured by HTC and will  be sold in Europe under the name O2.  It is also expected to be sold in the US as well.


Front view with the cover up

Close-up of the contacts and calendar quick launch buttons as well as the speaker

Close-up of the send/end buttons, finger joystick for navigation and the microphone.

Close-up of the bottom.  Notice the smaller SD/MMC slot.

Back - notice the oval at the top - that's where the external  battery would connect.  The battery covers the whole back of the O2.

Side view - The GSM sim card is under the cover.

Side View - The Record button for voice notes.

Top view - stylus goes where you think the antenna is.


I really liked the size and the additional battery of the O2 XDA.. I really think that the use of wireless like this will really change the way we look at Pocket PCs and data.

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