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NewsPC Review
By Michael Boone, Copyright 2001

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Price:  Free!!
Note:  NewsPC is currently being developed as PPCNewz.  I don't plan to review it, because it uses the same underlying NewsPC program to get the messages, which caused some problems with my desktop system.  But if anyone else would like to submit a review, please contact me.  Here's a review of NewsPC, from back when I was able to get it working on my desktop PC.
NewsPC Review
Thanks to Brian Barnes, there is now finally a free newsreader program available for the Pocket PC.  It is called NewsPC.  The program consists of an .exe file that goes on the Pocket PC (the Pocket PC newsreader program), and also a desktop .exe program that downloads the messages, as well as a new desktop version of the newsreader.  You can now have a desktop newsreader that syncs with the mobile device!  Here's how it works.  The desktop program gathers all the new messages and saves them as files in the directory you specify.  You should specify that it download those messages to the "My Documents" folder that your mobile device syncs with on your desktop.  Then, if you have file synchronization enabled on your mobile device, the next time you sync, those files (which are the messages) will automatically be transferred to the mobile device.  The .exe file that you copied to your palm size PC now opens those messages, and you're set to read newsgroups offline.  No mobile device modem is required!
Setting it up:
After downloading the NewsPC zip file, you will need to manually transfer the appropriate .exe file over to your mobile device.  You will also probably want to move the desktop .exe files to a handy location.  You can configure where you want the downloaded files to go, and you can control how big your download is by specifying how many kb of data you will allow for each group.  Brian has also made a feature that allows you to filter out unwanted messages.  The "add" function for adding new newsgroups has been improved too.  And it all works faster thanks to the addition of a newsgroup cache.
Once you get your options set up, you can choose "synchronize" from the desktop newsreader (newsrd.exe).  Once the messages are downloaded, you can sync your mobile device and the messages will be transferred via file synchronization in ActiveSync.
On to the mobile device:
Run the .exe file on the mobile device, and you will see your group list with the number of messages beside it.  Double-tap that group name and your thread view opens up.  It moves into the thread view very quickly, which is nice.  Really, the speed that this program threads the messages and moves between them is quite impressive.  From the thread view, double-tap the subject and you will see the message.  Navigation has also been improved on the mobile device.  The only things I see here are that the down arrow button for going to the next messages does some kind of weird scrolling thing, and it seems to take a little longer than expected to get to the next message that way.  Another nice feature would be the inclusion of where you are in the thread, i.e. message 2 of 4.
The program now gets the newest messages available first, which is great.  It still lacks a "catch up" or "mark server as read option."  This is an option I'd really like to see.
Posting a reply or a new message has also been improved in the latest version.  But there isn't yet the option to reply via e-mail.
Things I'd like to see:
The option to "mark server read"
Improved operation of the "down arrow" button from within the article view.
Reply via e-mail option.
Things I liked:
It's FREE!!!!   Thank you Brian!
Downloads the messages without a need for a mobile modem or proxy software.
It has a desktop version that syncs with the palm size PC!! 
Moves around quite quickly and nicely.

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