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Flak Jacket for iPAQ Review
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2001
 Version 1.00  Revised 6/7/2001

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So you want to protect your iPAQ while you carry it around with you?  You also want to use the iPAQ in the case. Well the Flak Jacket for the iPAQ from Silicon Web Australia is a contender.


The Flak Jacket includes a section for putting business cards or credit cards in with your iPAQ like a wallet.  Under the business/credit card inserts is a pocket which can be used for other cards or even your cash.  The front of the iPAQ is protected by the leather.  The Flak Jacket does work with the CompactFlash sleeve as well. The PC Card sleeve does not fit since the case was not designed to hold it.  There is a version that works with the PC Card and the CompactFlash card sleeve so make sure you specify which one you want.  You will need to put velcro on the back of your iPAQ for it to be held in place. I suggest using the basic sleeve for this so you can take your iPAQ out and use it in another sleeve without interference.

The Finish

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the manufacturing of the Flak Jacket is excellent. The leather is all lined so you don't have to worry about scratching your iPAQ or seeing rough spots on the inside.  The stitching is tight and on all edges the leather is folded over for a smooth finish.  The Flak Jacket is made of black cow hide leather or kangaroo skin.  The kangaroo skin model is not available in the US due to US Customs restrictions on import.


I was impressed with the quality and features of the Flak Jacket. It's an excellent case if you want to use your iPAQ and carry around business cards or credit cards.  I really liked the finish - it's one of the best cases I've seen.  You can purchase the Flak Jacket in black or tan at Silicon Web Australia for $69.95 AU (about $37.00 USD) plus shipping. Also, they have a version with a quick release belt clip as well.

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