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Nimbo01-03 is a system by USA-Taiwan company. You may refer their website at

Telewin01 & Telewin02 should be in fact considered as a phone although they refer themself as a PDA. Their so-called feature of a PDA features a telephone directory, notebook, schedule, electronic dictionary, etc. and can send and receive email through pop3 and SMTP. Their best version is color based but all of the others are black and white.


GigaWaveTech is a compact flash bluetooth card by Infineon.

Maybe the photo of EtenPDAPhone is the best China made PDA. Named InfoTouch P6000, the PDA is StrongARM206 powered PocketPC 2002 and features a 65535 colors reflective TFT. It is also a dual band (GSM9000/1800, GPRS) phone and has SD and CF-II slots. I think it quite similar to O2 except having 64MB RAM instead of 32MB RAM. It plans to be released in China in Sept 2002 costing around RMB 7000 (1US=8.3RMB). I don't think it will have a lot of market as the O2 phone system, although not "officially" available in China, is available in Hong Kong at HKD5500 (1US=7.8HKD).


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