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Microsoft ActiveSync 4.x - Configuring ZoneAlarm (free version)
Firewall for Windows Mobile 5

By Raj Pillai, Copyright 2005-2006
 Version 1.24  Created 16/3/2006

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You have referred to "How to configure Zone Alarm Security Suite" to enable a successful synchronization between your WM 5.0 device and your computer.  However during configuration, you notice that some of the steps (step 6 onwards) cannot be performed.  The reason - You are using ZoneAlarm free version and therefore some of the features are not available.  So lets take a look at how you need to configure to get it working.

In the following example, I have used ZoneAlarm (free) version 6.1.744.000 available at with ActiveSync 4.1 and an I-mate JASJAR.

How to configure it?

To configure the firewall correctly, first perform Step 1 to 5 as explained in the above Microsoft web site and then do the following:

Screen Capture of ZoneAlarm window in Flash (.swf) format.

Step 6:  Check the security settings:

  1. Under ZoneAlarm, click Firewall (on the left side)
  2. Click the "Main" tab-sheet
  3. Ensure the "Trusted Zone Security" is set to "Medium".

Step 7:  Add the device to the trusted zone:

  1. Click the "Zones" tab-sheet now.
  2. Connect your (mobile device if it isn't connected) and you will see an entry for it.
  3. Under the "Zone" column, ensure it is set to "Trusted".  If not, then right-click once and you will be able to set it to Trusted.

These settings are required to enable a successful connection while using ZoneAlarm (free version) firewall.  If you are still unable to connect, then it is recommend you shut down the firewall completely for a short while and confirm if you are able to synchronize successfully.  This way you can isolate if the cause is due to incorrect configuration of the firewall.

Note that merely disabling the firewall will not help since the ports required for successful communication between the device and the computer is already blocked.

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