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TT Tech’s SnapNType Mini-keyboard Now Available for Palm™ m500/505 and Compaq™ iPAQ™ 3600 series





Mini PDA keyboard that enables people to input data quickly by thumb-typing is now available for both the Palm™ and Pocket PC™ platforms.

Hong Kong, SAR – Dec 6, 2001 – TT Tech Limited, a developer and manufacturer of hardware accessories solutions for the mobile computing market announced today two new additions to their SnapNType mini-keyboard series.

Model T111 is a thumb-typing keyboard for the Palm™ m500 and m505 PDA. With a unique “folding” design, the keyboard clips onto the bottom of the Palm™ PDA and provides a comfortable thumb-typing area. 

Model T301 is the first thumb-typing keyboard for the Compaq™ iPAQ™ 3600 series PDA in the market. The T301 slides in from the bottom of the iPAQ™ and is compatible with all expansion packs.

The design of both keyboards is slim and integrates perfectly with the PDA device. The keyboard is also compatible with most communication modules. Users can easily type and send emails and SMS messages using the SnapNType and a communication module together.  

Key features and benefits of the SnapNType keyboard include:

·         Lightweight and compact

·         Designed for thumb-typing

·         Familiar 39 keys QWERTY layout

·         Application buttons

·         Unique “Smiley” button

·         No batteries required

Both T111 for Palm™ and T301 for iPAQ™ will be available in December 2001 for a suggested retail price of $39.95.

About TT Tech

The developer TT Tech Ltd. is a technology company focused in delivering innovative peripheral solutions to the mobile computing market. Established in 2001, TT Tech consists of a group of professionals in marketing, product development and manufacturing with extensive experience in high technology consumer electronics products. Its headquarters are located in Hong Kong with production and development facilities in Shenzhen, China.  

Press Contact :

Winny Mak
TT Tech Limited
Tel. +852 2947 7031

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