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Press Releases

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Snails is here!

The first public version of our upcoming blockbuster game has just been released for the public.

Its a pre-beta demo version, with some limitations and possibly a handful of bugs as well.

The game's features will be as follows:

         10 levels

         Deathmatch, Mission/Story mode, 2 player mode (where you take it in turns to have a go)

         3 different difficulty levels (which actually result in completely different missions, so essentially there are about 9 different missions and 3 stories, giving 3 different ways to play through the game).

         Top notch sound effects, voices and music.

         Wacky humor.

         Professional art by Randall Schleufer which makes the game come alive with incredible cartoon graphics and awesome animations.

         25 unique different weapons.

         Superb special effects (e.g. smoke trails, flame effects, and vector graphics).

         Realistic weather effects (depending on the locale) which affect the physics of the game. For example, a rocket can easily come back at you if you dont watch the weather (wind, rain, snow, mist, sand, etc.).

         3 different teams of snails, each with their own unique characteristics.

         Exploding frogs (which surely is a good enough reason on its own to buy the game!).

The game will be compatible with all major Pocket PC's (including ARM, MIPS and SH3 devices), with HPC support to be determined at a later date. Not only that, but there will also be a desktop PC version (Windows 9x/2000/XP) which will also allow for network play, planned for integration (both on the PC and Pocket PC versions, along with infra-red support) at some point after the initial release. The price is currently set to be around the $10 mark, although this might still change.

The demo version includes two of the 10 levels, 15 of the 25 weapons, two of the three teams and no missions.

Visit the Snails website at

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