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First PDA love personals site launches

POCKETPERSONALS.COM DELIVERS PERSONAL ADS RIGHT TO YOUR POCKET PC OR PALM, a new full-service personals website, helps PDA users find love without wires. BALTIMORE, MD (US)--Now more than ever, people want to connect with a soul mate or a friend., a new online personals service created by PK Entertainment, offers the newest way for people to find love, anywhere they are, including from wirelessly connected devices like Pocket PCs and Palm.

Kathryn Hudson, President and CEO of PK Entertainment, found that some of the most disconnected people lead very busy lives, have the hardest time finding time to search for a date, let alone through personals services. “I’ ve heard from so many people, friends and others, who tell me that they aren ’t always near a computer when they want to search the personals. They wondered why no one had created an easier way to do it. My PDA is always with me, and it’s got wireless capability. It wasn’t much of stretch to see that it was the perfect device for delivering personal ads.” is a full-fledged personals service. Users sign up through the website, then are able to use the service at home, the office, or anywhere with or without a wireless connection. The service works by allowing visitors to post and browse advertised profiles for free; users will have to convert to subscribers if they want to contact potential dates, “We have different tiers of service that offer subscribers’ a fair deal if they sign up for more than one month, but they can place their own personal ad for free. We are the lowest-priced matching service out there.”

One feature offers that others’ don’t is a trial subscription for under seven dollars for five days. “This way, users can see just how effective placing a personal ad is. They can also see who else is out there and if it’s worth it to them to pay ten bucks a month,” Hudson notes, “it gives users a chance to try us out first.”

Subscribers are treated to other services, including the ability to take their searches with them when they go, with or without a wireless connection. With software from the company, AvantGo, they can create a special channel to get their ads synchronized to their PDA to take along with them.

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