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PocketConcepts releases MeetingMute v1.2

Oneonta, NY USA Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2001 - PocketConcepts is proud to announce that after 5 beta versions and nearly 6 months of beta testing, MeetingMute v1.2 has been released today.

MeetingMute - It silently works, so you can work silently

MeetingMute is an innovative utility for muting sounds on a Pocket PC. Although Pocket PC provides a method of muting sounds, it does not provide a method of automatically restoring the volume. MeetingMute automatically restore the system volume after a specified period of time.

MeetingMute also provides  Sound Protection.  With Sound Protection enabled, MeetingMute monitors your sound settings, making sure they stay set to your preferences. No more missed reminders because your sound settings were mysteriously changed.

Main Features

  • Pocket Outlook integration for automated unattended muting of meetings.
  • Passive Interface Design allows you to use your Pocket PC as if MeetingMute weren't even there, yet have confidence that sounds will only be muted when appropriate.
  • Sound Protection. MeetingMute can correct some sound issues caused by other programs.
  • Mute for a single Pocket PC session.
  • Mute for a specific number of minutes or until a given time.
  • Extend the mute interval automatically while you are using your Pocket PC.

MeetingMute is compatible with both Pocket PC 2000 and Pocket PC 2002.

For a limited time (until 1/1/2002), MeetingMute is available for $9.95 nearly 25% off the normal $12.95 price.  All prices are in US Dollars.

MeetingMute is Shareware.  A 30 day Trial / Evaluation version is available at

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