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Press Releases

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Mazingo 3.0 announcement

Mazingo 3.0 is now available! We've listened, and have produced what we believe is the best sync and go system ever for the Pocket PC. This version includes some major speed enhancements, an eCommerce shopping system, as well as a few other goodies.

In case you don't know about Mazingo, it is a free program that allows you to get up-to-date news and other information delivered to your Pocket PC, including rich media like video, audio, eBooks and any other file type. A premium content service is coming soon.

You can download and install it from here: 

More information is here: 

Here's what's new in Mazingo 3.0:

* Major Speed enhancements! Synchronizing over DSL, Cable and T1 connections are now 4x faster. Dial-up connections sync 2x faster.

* Added Mazingo shopper system to enable purchasing of items from downloadable catalogs.

* Added cached forms posting. Publishers can now add forms to their Mazingo pages, and the results of each form submit is sent to the original site when Mazingo syncs.

* The end of each page is padded, making the scroll on the last page consistent with all the other scrolls.

* The scroll position now returns to previous location when moving "back".

* Added support for various storage card locations. (Includes multiple slot devices, as well as German, French and Spanish Pocket PCs).

* My Mazingo channel always downloads now, allowing you to add and delete channels from the Pocket PC.

* Added Fit-to-screen toggle in the View menu.

* and more...

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