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Griff – Cobwebb Communications to release groundbreaking sequencing / sampling tools for WinCE PocketPC’s and PDA’s.

UK based software developer Cobwebb Communications Ltd., has produced a Sequencing/ Sampling package for the burgeoning WinCE, PocketPC market. This serious tool based around the plug-in architecture concept, allows WinCE PPC users to create CD quality music on their PDA, and is aimed primarily at the musician on the move.

At last, a seriously portable sequencing and sampling tool. Imagine 44100hz, 16bit output quality in your pocket with a 24bit signal path giving you maximum headroom, not to mention the fully skinable interface. Refreshing.

A Grid Pattern Editor is used to input your sounds, the Sean Connery of UI’s (nice knobs and sliders), song editor, section editor and parameter editor. If that is a little hard to take, the sequencer is driven at 480ppqn for maximum tightness, with bpm and time signature both fully adjustable.

Version one will be released with built-in instruments to include – Sampler, Synth, Reverb and Delay, with further plug-ins available to download.

Griff Version 1 for WinCE PocketPC’s and PDA’s is due for release on December 17th and will be available as a download from the website -

For more information:  info@planet   

Barny Webb Cobwebb Communications Ltd. 
Tel: 0044(0)1732 812200

check out: 

...because inspiration doesn't have a schedule. - Hugo Fereira

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