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Grab you pen and start slurping because Slurp is finally out! 

Hexacto is proud to announce the release of its new product for your PocketPC: Slurp! Its a cool and crazy game that everyone will enjoy. The concept is easy, but so addictive. The goal is to grab the pen, slurp up the colored drops, and clear the board. As you slurp, the remaining drops reform into different shapes. Bigger drops are worth more points, so the challenge is to slurp up the big ones, but also think about how the slurp will cause the drops to reform. Make big drops and slurp up big points! As you continue the new boards get smaller and the game goes faster until you can't go any further. Game over! But don't worry, the next game is only a tap away!

What seems like a simple clicking game at first quickly becomes as challenging as any game of strategy. The more you play, the more puzzling it becomes, and the more you find ways to increase your score! If it becomes too easy you can increase the game's difficultly by choosing more colors (up to seven). Keep your battery charged because once you start playing you won't be able to put it down. Don't get mad, get slurpy!


* Easy to learn
* Five difficulty levels
* Multichannel slurpy sounds were not kidding!
* Persistent score card

Special introductory price for 30 days: $9.95.

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