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- Company's Platform Enables AT&T Wireless to Become One of the First U.S. Carriers to Offer the Ability to Download Digital Goods Directly to Pocket PC Devices -

Lake Forest, Calif. - November 13, 2001 - SingleTap today announced the company has been selected by AT&T Wireless Services, Inc. (NYSE: AWE) to power the AT&T Wireless Mobile Connection Download Center for Pocket PC devices. With the SingleTap platform, AT&T Wireless becomes one of the first U.S wireless carriers to offer customers the ability to customize their Pocket PCs by downloading and purchasing digital goods, including the latest productivity applications, games, and ebooks to their devices, using AT&T Wireless's GSM/GPRS wireless network.

SingleTap provides AT&T Wireless with the ability to increase subscriber data usage through wireless downloads. Users can look in one place for the latest software, and install and purchase it instantly, right from their Pocket PCs. SingleTap works with a broad range of content providers and publishers offering the best, most popular software titles, along with a vast array of entertainment related products.

"SingleTap is proud to provide AT&T Wireless subscribers with a highly simplified process for selection, delivery and purchase of handheld device software", said Jay Wright, CEO of SingleTap. "Our platform enables service providers such as AT&T Wireless, and handheld device manufacturers, to offer valuable, revenue-generating services that go far beyond typical Web browsing, email and directory offerings available today."

SingleTap's Mobile Catalog software has been integrated within AT&T's Mobile Connection application for Pocket PCs. The Mobile Catalog maintains a continually updated list of digital goods and can be browsed online or offline. Users can select and purchase items from the catalog, which are then downloaded directly to their devices. Downloaded items are also added to a secure web-based archive that allows users to restore items using their desktop PCs in the event their Pocket PCs are lost or the memory erased.

About SingleTap

SingleTap's software platform enables the selection, delivery, and purchase of digital goods - including productivity software, games, ebooks, and corporate documents - for handheld devices operating over wired or wireless connections. Based on the company's extensive experience in developing mobile applications for Fortune 1000 companies, SingleTap solves the problems associated with software distribution and delivery to handheld devices. SingleTap's software delivers product differentiation for handheld device manufacturers and wireless service providers, simplifies distribution and payment for content providers and offers rich content choices for individual and corporate users. SingleTap is a privately held corporation headquartered in Lake Forest, Calif. For more information, please visit

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