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By Chris De Herrera 
Copyright 1998-2007
 All Rights Reserved
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Press Releases

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FROM MARS to MANHATTAN - Technology Enabled Clothing - SCOTT eVEST

  • Here are some of the exciting things going on at SCOTT eVEST™:
    The American Red Cross asked us to send 20,000 SCOTT eVEST™s to Manhattan to assist at Ground Zero.
  • NASA has expressed interest in testing the eVEST (and other forms of our patent-pending TECHNOLOGY ENABLED CLOTHING™ system) on the Space Shuttle.
  • Microsoft's team will be wearing the eVEST at COMDEX.

With new security restrictions prohibiting bags at sporting events and trade shows, people all over are learning the benefits of wearing their "stuff" stylishly and comfortably. It combines the utility of a backpack into a garment.

With tightened airport security, the SCOTT eVEST™ helps make the process more convenient, just put it through the x-ray!

Playboy described the eVEST as "The latest gadget-friendly clothing [which] can conceal your electronic arsenal so you don’t look like a total geek" Playboy, Wire it Up, November 2001.
BusinessWeek says "Gadget Junkies rejoice! There's finally a way to carry all your handhelds, keyboards, phones, and CD players stylishly."

The eVEST™ recently appeared on the cover of Computer Buyer's Guide and Handbook.
The New York Times, USA Today, Time Magazine, and CNN all raved about our innovation: e-mobility for apparel. Click here to see more reviews!

We are currently negotiating with major clothing manufacturers to license the patent-pending TECHNOLOGY ENABLED CLOTHING™ system for their products. 

Miss Rebecca Scott, Playboy Playmate August 1999, will accompany us at COMDEX this year to complete the Scott trio -Scott Jordan, founder and CEO, and the SCOTT eVEST™!
The SCOTT eVEST™ -Version 1.0- combines technology, apparel, and luggage. The eVEST™ provides a unique and elegant solution to the everyday problem many mobile professionals face: "Where can I stash all my portable hi-tech devices and stay connected while on the go?"

To learn more, visit our website at or

It's the ultimate hands-free experience!™

Press Contact
Scott E. Jordan, Chairman and CEO
1456 N Dayton, Suite 304
Chicago, Illinois 60622
Phone: 312-654-8570
e-fax: 208-975-1186

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