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Press Releases

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Hexacto launches Bob the Pipe Fitter, a wacky new game of concentration, skill, and pipe fitting.

Even if you don't know a socket-weld elbow from a lift-swing valve, Bob the Pipe Fitter will keep you going for hours with this fast-paced connect-the-pipes game for the PocketPC. Bob is your mentor, encouraging you as you try to connect the pipes that drop from above. It's a crazy race against time to make as much connections as possible.

The more you connect, the more points you score. A four-piece loop makes a pipe bomb that blows away the surrounding pipes for extra points and more room on the playing board. Use your skill to create a chain reaction for monster points that will knock Bob's socks off!

Forget about butt welding, greasy flanges, and tank nipples. Bob the Pipe Fitter will keep you playing for hours and you won't even get wet. Will you always be an apprentice? Will Bob ever give you a raise? Keep track of your scores and synch them with others on Hexacto's Web site. If you're good enough, maybe Bob wild blow a gasket when you show him who's really the boss!

Hexacto Games is a Montreal-based company that develops compelling and addictive games for the handheld computer market. Considered one of the top handheld game developers in the world, the company plans to release four new games in the coming few weeks, including Tennis Addict, the first game of the new Sports Addict™ series.  

Special introductory price until December 30th: $12.95.

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