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Animation Technologies Inc. To Ship The FlyJacket i3800 With IA Style PowerMedia Suite Software Bundle

Taipei, Taiwan - October 31, 2001 – Animation Technologies Inc, a leading provider of multimedia products, announced today that its FlyJacket i3800 package will feature IA Style® PowerMedia Suite presentation and imaging software.  The FlyJacket i3800 - a full-featured multimedia expansion pack for Compaq’s iPAQ handheld - is the world’s first mobile multimedia expansion sleeve of its kind.  The IA Style PowerMedia Suite is a custom collection of four multimedia software applications including, IA Album, IA Presenter, IA Screen Mirror and IA Image Capture.  .

“The IA Style PowerMedia Suite is a comprehensive software solution that will truly enable iPAQ Pocket PC owners to get the best possible results with respect to multimedia functionality and image management using our FlyJacket i3800,” said Sherlock Shih.  “Quite simply, if you combine the FlyJacket i3800 with IA Style PowerMedia Suite together in one package, not only does it produce the world’s only mobile multimedia solution with VGA/Video input and output, it provides anyone, educators, government officials, but most especially business persons who travel frequently, a greater incentive towards selecting an iPAQ Pocket PC over other PDAs or even notebooks for that matter. The FlyJacket i3800 package significantly increases the iPAQ usability factor, by offering more than presentations anywhere, it provides mobile multimedia.”

The FlyJacket i3800 can connect to a projector, a VGA monitor or TV for presentations directly, without monopolizing the valuable CompactFlash slot, keeping it available for data storage to the iPAQ. This mobile multimedia solution is available now, with a $199 USD retail price.  The FlyJacket i3800 package features:

-Video/VGA Output                                   -Video Input

-Built-in CF slot                            -Internal rechargeable Li-on battery

-Pen-sized remote control / pointer

-IA Style PowerMedia Suite            -FlyJacket Utility software


About IA Style, Inc.
IA Style creates software for wireless devices and PDAs. IA Style's other products include IA Album, IA ScreenShot, and IA Presenter Suite, which comes with IA VGA Mirror 1 (the version before IA Screen Mirror 2).  IA Style was established in April 1999 by some of the founding members of Ulead Systems, a popular imaging and video software publisher.

About Animation Technologies Inc.

Animation Technologies Inc. is a leader in designing, developing and marketing award-winning multimedia and video solutions for business-to-business and home entertainment purposes.  The FlyJacket i3800 represents the latest in Animation’s 10-yr history in developing innovative products to satisfy the constantly changing multimedia needs of consumers and businesses alike.   For more information about the FlyJacket or any other LifeView brand products, please visit

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